How To Find Lost or Stolen Android Phone

How To Find Lost or Stolen Android Phone

Find Lost or Stolen Android Phone

How to find lost or stolen Android phone or tablet ? Have you ever lost, I mean misplaced your Android phone, without any tracking app installed on it?

If yes ! than you need to read this. Not only for lost Android phones and tablets but also if your Android device gets stolen.

I know there are many Android phone recovery and anti theft apps on the Google play store. But this App stands out as the most dependable one to find lost or stolen Android phone. Trust me this one works, and did I say its free ? yes its totally free.

How to Find lost or Stolen Android Phone or Tablet

The moment we discover that our phone has been lost or stolen. First reaction is, we get panicky. Relax, there’s still hope of tracking and finding your Android phone back. If not just wipe off every sensitive data in your phone

Find Lost or stolen Android Phone with Google’s Android Device Manager.

“Better late than Never” so the saying goes. For safety and precaution, on any new phone or in your existing phone, first go to to Google’s play store, download and install Android Device manger.


Before you can use Android Device manager to locate your Lost or stolen Android Phone or Tablet. Make sure that you activate the following after installing Android device manager app.

1: You must have a Google Account (any Google account) and your device is connected to your Google account.(signed in to your account)
2: Your Android device has access to internet connection.
3: Location access need to be turned on, in your device under settings.
4: Android Device manager should be allowed to locate your device (this is turned ON by default)
5: Allow permission to Android device manager to lock your device or erase data (this is turned off by default)

The Android Device manager, installs just like any other app. What it requires is, you’ll have to allow it to act as a Device Administrator. This you can do under security settings.

This way, it gets permission to wipe or lock your phone. Once that’s done, you can fire up the app and get it activated, by logging with your Google account.

Now Go to this site Android Device manager.(ADM) Make sure that you are logged on to your Google Account. I found this works on Google Chrome. ADM will take a few minutes to locate your phone and display information’s like, Last located at (time), Location, and also accuracy of location in meters.

Once you phone is located, you will be given three options.

1: RING: If you have just misplaced your phone, click on the RING option. Your phone phone will ring in full volume for 5 minutes. Even if you have kept it in low volume or in silent mode. This will help you to locate your phone. Very helpful if you have misplaced your phone, and can’t find it.

       Find Lost or Stolen Android Phone

2: LOCK : If your phone has been stolen, you can easily lock your Phone with a new PIN or password, remotely. The phone will display a message on the locked screen. This is very useful if you have not set up any password or PIN. On the new lock screen option type your password and confirm.

                   Find Lost or Stolen Android Phone

3: ERASE: This command performs a total factory reset on your device. All your Apps,Photos, music and personal settings will be deleted. Remember this reset is permanent. Which means that Android device manger will also be wiped out and you will not be able to track or locate the phone. But the contents on your SD card may not be wiped.

           Find Lost or Stolen Android Phone

The best thing about this option is, even if your stolen device is offline, this action will be performed as soon as it goes online. This also works if the phone is powered off. ADM (Android device manager) sends a push message to Google, ready to go, as soon as the phone is powered on and connected to internet. The phone is shut down and factory resets itself.

That’s it About Android Device manager, to help you Find Lost or Stolen Android Phone. I hope you will never come to a situation to use this tool.


No device , no App is perfect. Even with this and for that matter with any other tracking app you may not be able to find lost or stolen Android phone, for the following reasons.

1. You Device is not connected to the internet or turned off. Simple try again and again with the hope that your phone may connect to internet. Who ever has stolen, may try to connect.

2. If stolen, a smart thief may simply disconnect your android device from your Google account. If this is the case, no other tracking tool will be able to find lost or stolen Android phone.