How To Find The Category ID In WordPress

How To Find The Category ID In WordPress

Category ID In Word Press

If you are hosting a blog on WordPress platform. How do you find the Category ID in wordpress Blog  When you change a theme or install a new plugin it might be necessary to insert the Category ID in wordpress.

For an advanced word press user, they can find it in seconds but for a beginner and not so advanced user you might be at lost, searching for category ID.

I too faced this problem because the plugin “Special recent post plugin” a very good plugin to display your recent post needed the category ID of my blog.

Follow these simple steps to find the category ID in word press.

Category ID In Word Press


1. First log on to your word press Admin panel.On the Dashboard at the left panel click on the Posts menu > than on Categories as shown in this image.




Category ID In Word Press

On clicking that word press will display a list of all the categories that you have on your blog or website.

From here there are two ways to find the category ID in word press.

First just hover your mouse over the name of any Category (don’t click) and word press will show strings of names and figures at the bottom of your browser window.

You will find the category ID towards the end of this, displayed as ID = XXX as shown in the above image. Just copy that number and also note down the associated category name.

Alternately you can also click on the category name in the above window and the browser will open that category window. In the address bar of the browser you will be able to see the Category ID displayed clearly as ID = xxx.

Note the number of digit will vary according to the number of posts you may have under that category.
Category ID In Word Press

That’s it, very simple way to find the category ID in word press blog.


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