How To Find The SIM Card Number Of Airtel 3G Dongle


SIM Card Number Of Airtel 3G DongleThis may sound silly, but it happens, you forgot your SIM card number of Airtel 3G Dongle. You knew it, and one fine morning when you want to recharge your 3G account, you can’t remember the SIM card number.

How on earth could I forget that number? you ask yourself, scratching your head to remember. Don’t worry you are not alone in this situation, we all tend to forget things when we need it most.

It happened with me too, and I could not recharge my Airtel 3G SIM for the day. In the latest version of Airtel connection manager, it used to show the Number as. my no. XXXXXXXXX. But most of the time it doesn’t. see image
SIM Card Number Of Airtel 3G Dongle

So How To Find the SIM card Number of Airtel 3G Dongle:

1: First connect your Airtel 3G Dongle to your Laptop or Desktop.

2: Open the Airtel Connection manager.

3: Click on connect to connect to internet.

4: Click on “Check Usage” tab.

5: In the command box type *282#, than click on send button.

6: On the box below that you will get the message
“Receive:Your Mobile no. is: 897XXXXXXX”
SIM Card Number Of Airtel 3G Dongle

That’s it. Easy to find the SIM card number of Airtel 3G Dongle.

Airtel 3G Dongle connection manager provides most codes to check your usage balance under check usage tab. But incase you didn’t know here are the most common codes,for Airtel to help you out.

1: Check usage of 3G pack : *123*11#
2: Check usage of 2G plan:  *123*10#
3: Check account balance :   *123#
4: Check usage of Flexishield plan: *125*7#

As I said earlier these apparently simple things sometimes gives us a lot of headache. I hope this post will be of help to many airtel users.

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