How To Get Laptop Battery Power Efficiency Report

How To Get Laptop Battery Power Efficiency Report


Laptops are slowly taking over Desktops. You can see these little power house gadgets everywhere. But the main issue with laptop is its battery life. Every laptop users wishes that its battery should last for hours.

Even if we follow all the tips to save and prolong laptop battery life to maximize its performance. Yet there are still ways to find out which component or programs is consuming more power. So that you can do some corrective measures to maximize your laptop battery performance. For this you need to get your laptop battery efficiency report first. To analyze and take corrective measures.


If you have a laptop with windows 7, you can use the the efficiency calculator tool built in windows 7. This tool, scans your system and generates loads of useful information. About its power consumption. If this tool is used the right way, this can really help you to make huge gains in terms of laptop battery life. And in the long run will help to maximize battery life.

Steps To get laptop Battery power efficiency report:

  1. Open command prompt by typing ‘cmd’ in the search field.
  2. When the CMD icon appears, right click on it and select “run as administrator”
  3. In the command window type the following “powercfg –energy” (without quotes). Note there is a space after powercfg.
  4. Press enter. Windows will scan your system for approximately 60 seconds observing your system behavior and looking for ways to improve power efficiency.

Get Laptop Battery Power Efficiency Report

5. Once the scan is completed, windows will publish the result in an HTML file and saves it. Usually in the windows/system 32 folder.

6. Just follow the file path as it is shown in the command prompt window and find your report. As Shown in below image
Get Laptop Battery Power Efficiency Report

Simple and fast way to generate and get laptop battery power efficiency report. I have found this tool can generate loads of information. Some of which may not be feasible to implement for a non techy. But quite a lot of reports/suggestions can be implemented. To maximize laptop battery performance and life.