How to Get the Start Button back in Windows 8


Microsoft has spoiled us by letting us use the familiar “Start” button in windows desktop right from the earlier versions of windows up to windows 7. Now with the release of Windows 8, Microsoft is forcing us to use the start screen instead of the Start button. And to top it all there is no setting to enable or disable the windows start button. If you are a windows 8 user , you might be asking how to get the start button in windows 8 ? Well than follow these tips or a third party add on to get the start button in windows 8, like the good old windows. 

get the start button in windows 8


Step 1: Create a Windows Start Menu Toolbar

You can make the start menu folder as a toolbar which will allow you to access all the programs you would normally see in all programs. Follow these steps.

1. First enable windows to show hidden folders, under folder options.
2. Right click on the taskbar > toolbars and > select New Toolbar.
3. Now browse to C:\Program data\Microsoft\Windows and select Start Menu folder and than click on “Select folder” this will create a start menu icon (folder) on your task bar from where you can access all your start menu programs.

Step 2: Install Third Party add on to Get the start button in windows 8:

Microsoft may have forgotten to put the start button in windows 8, but thanks to these third party tools, with a few mouse clicks helps you to get the start button back in windows 8, exactly like in windows 7.

1. START 8: A great tool to get the start button in windows 8. Adds a start button to the windows 8 desktop. This tool adds an enhanced windows 7 style menu. Start 8 is one of the best windows 8 start menu solution.

2. ViSTART 8: This is another great freeware to get the start button in windows 8. It creates the start button identical to what was in windows 7, so you just don’t feel the difference. This tool also includes the ability to skin and a lot of other features too.

3. CLASSIC SHELL: Another great freeware, open source software tool to get the start button in windows 8, along with many other windows features ( we are used to) to windows 8. Highly customizable start menu with multiple styles and skins.

Was this article helpful ? How did you get the start button in windows 8 ? share your methods with us.

UPADATE: The “Start” Button is coming back to windows 8. Microsoft made the preview of Windows 8.1 available for free as a download.

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