How to get your Blog approved for Google AdSense

How to get your Blog approved for Google AdSense


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(Updated: March 2016 )

How to get your BLOG approved for Google AdSense? 

Google Ad-sense is one of the best advertising solution. And also the best way to monetize your Blog. Every Blogger specially new bloggers tries best to get approved for Google AdSense.

Google AdSense is the best, as it caters advertisements according to your blogs content. Besides it can be designed to blend with your website.

Earlier to get your Blogs / websites approved for Google AdSense was easy. But with the increasing number of bloggers around the globe, and everybody applying for Google AdSense. Google’s approval process has become more stringent. 

Google is here to help everyone to help earn on-line from your Blog or website. But obviously they can not say YES to everyone that applies for.

There are certain TOC (terms of conditions) laid down by Google, for any site or Blog to get approved for Google AdSense. 

I am sharing here these 100% working TIPS below. Check all steps explained, make sure to implement these in your Blog / site ,before applying  for Google AdSense.

I am certain that if you follow these tips your chances for being approved will be very high.



FIRST THING FIRST : Please read the TOS (Terms of service) for Google Adsense, Read this post its important to know Google TOS. Know those TOS by heart so you dont violate later.

Don’t make that mistake, violating the AdSense terms of service is the main reason, why many blogs get rejected.

To be very precise your Blog has to be LEGIT, offer unique and non-copyrighted content. Must be favorable for general public consumption.While its certainly bad to get your site rejected (I know how it feels), but getting banned by Google for violating the terms of service is far worse.


I know many bloggers ignore this.This can not be underestimated. This happens to be very critical aspect.You have to have a DISCLAIMER and PRIVACY POLICY page or pages on your Blog.

Google will look for these, so prepare and publish them before you apply. If you don’t have a clue what its all about, (Like I faced earlier) you are welcome to see mine HERE and HERE, to get some idea to make your own. (dont just copy, you need to have your own)

For Word press blogs there’s no dearth of Plugins which will do the job with just a few clicks.This this is a very important step to Get your Blog approved for Google AdSense. 


Don’t just Blog for the sake of Blogging. Make up your mind on the Topic you will be writing on and stick to it. 

Write quality content, and write regularly. Google works hard with their advertising networks and make sure to place Adds on high quality and professional looking sites (don’t be discouraged with this line, its their policy).

Here is a check list before you finally decide to apply for Google AdSense.

Having said that here are the Final and most Important TIPS for you to work on before finally you are ready to apply for Google AdSense approval:

  • Since arranging your site is in your hand , make sure that your Blog is easy to navigate and must be user friendly.Avoid using too many gadget/widgets, which not only clutter’s your blog page but also slows your blog loading time.
  • Check all links both external and internal links, try to minimize links if possible.And specially check for any invalid links (No 404) this is a BIG NO.
  • Your Blog must have a decent amount of quality and informative articles already published, to be eligible to get your blog approved for google AdSense.Now you might ask how many articles? well there is no such figures.
  • I have seen some blogs with just about twenty or twenty five articles have very high traffic rank with Google. Where as some with hundreds of articles do not have much traffic.The point here is again Quality content that will attract readers.
  • As far as possible try to use Images related to your content, to be complimentary. Since most of the blog traffic usually comes from search results, most of Ads clicks also comes from visitors coming to your site via search results. 
  • This will be a repeat, Maintain your Blog, can’t stress more on this. Write regularly, make it a point to write and publish at least three to four posts a week. Regularly updated blogs favor’s well with Google search bots. This is a very important factor to get you blog approved for Google AdSense.
  • Lastly, after you get your blog approved for Google AdSense (Which I know you will be). If you are on Word press with AdSense plugin don’t display more than three ads per page (Google allows only three ads per page). More than that will be a violation of TOS. Here are some TIPS for best Google AdSense placement. If you are blogging on free blog spot platform, nothing to worry Google automatically controls that. 

If you follow these Tips I’m sure chances of getting your site rejected will be minimal. And easier to get your blog approved for Google AdSense. At-least it worked for me, so it should for you too.

Hope these tips will help to Get your Blog approved for Google AdSense. Did I miss anything here ? if there is any, don’t hesitate to share.

Happy Blogging 


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