How To Hard Reset A Router To Factory Default

How To Hard Reset A Router To Factory Default

Hard Reset A RouterResetting a Router is quite easy, as every router used for home networking provides a reset switch. Most often a reset switch comes as a small push button,at the back of the router.

In some the reset switch may come as a small hole with a switch, which can be access with fine pointed pin. Pressing the reset button allows you to over-ride the current state of the router to its default settings.

However, many users specially non-tachy home users, do not realize that simply pressing the reset button for a few seconds, may do nothing. Depending on the type of router, and also the problem at hand, for which you want to hard reset the router, you may need to press the reset button longer.

Hard Reset A Router by 30-30-30 reset procedure:

Networking specialists and geeks, have developed this so called 30-30-30 hard reset technique. This is a procedure which fully resets a router to its default factory settings. If you ever need to hard reset a router, follow these steps, to perform a hard reset.

1: Power on the Router. Press and hold the reset button for 30 seconds.

2: Continue to press and hold the reset button, than unplug the Router from the power supply. Once unplugged continue to press the reset button for aditional 30 seconds.

3: Continue to press and hold the reset button. Now plugin the power supply to the router again, power on the router and hold the for another 30 more seconds.

After this procedure which is a total 90 seconds (30+30+30 seconds) is complete. The router gets restored to its Factory default settings. Which means your router will be reset as it was when you first bought it.

Please note, some routers may get reset to factory default with just 10 seconds of pressing the reset button. Please do read the documentation that came with your router.

However, I would still recommend this 30-30-30 rule to hard reset a router, if you face any problem with your router.