How to increase BSNL 3G Data Card speed | A Trick

increase BSNL 3G Data Card speed

(updated 30 June 2016).

A simple but sure way to increase BSNL 3g data Card speed. BSNL 3G data card does give very good download speed. But you find the difference in speed when you try to browse the net, its just painfully slow and sometimes the download just gets stuck at zero.

What I am sharing here is not a hack but a simple trick.

BSNL dialer software by default choose the preferred network automatically.

Which means, if the 3G network signal is weak or there is a problem, it will automatically switch over to the 2G network. That is, it gets connected to the stronger signal spectrum.

This change over may last for sometime, but sometimes might last longer and you won’t even notice it since it does it automatically. But the speed difference is huge.

Even Weak 3G signal is much faster than full 2G signal.

       increase BSNL 3G Data Card speed

Follow these simple trick to get the maximum speed and increase bsnl 3g data card speed. Remember to do this offline, not connected to internet.

Step 1: In the Dialer software under the settings disable Automatic and choose manual and select 3G only. However depending on the dialer software in some you might not see 3G option, instead UMTS/HSDPA, select it. Don’t forget to put it back to automatic when roaming or where there is no 3G network.

Step 2: Change the DNS, this too should be done offline (disconnected). Use Google DNS which is quite fast, the settings are as follows

Preferred DNS server :

Alternate DNS server:

Using these two simple trick you will get huge speed gain, you will see noticeable, increase bsnl 3g data card speed.  However remember that as it is applicable to all Internet connections, as more and more subscriber access the signal from the same tower, the speed will get slower, unless the service provider increases the bandwidth.

BSNL 3G proudly displays 3.6 Mbps speed, with this trick I get nearly 3Mbps speed while downloading (Max receiving speed) and a constant 400Kbps to 1Mbps while browsing that’s pretty good speed.

Update: Alternately you can also do some tweaking to increase the internet connection speed in windows, for over all improvement in Internet speed.

I’m sure this trick will work not only for BSNL 3G data card but other data card too. Which data card do you use ? Any better idea to increase the speed ? share with us.

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14 thoughts on “How to increase BSNL 3G Data Card speed | A Trick”

    1. Hai Kumar ! I’m glad it worked for you. Do share with your friends about this post.Good luck and thank you for your comment.

    1. Hello Mohit !! sorry to hear that. According to readers opinion it seemed to work in most states. May be you could try to Increase windows internet connection speed with these tips.
      Hope it works and good luck.

  1. i have bsnl 3g 7.2 mbps data card 2012.softwere verson LW273 V1.3.PLEASE GIVE ME TRICK TO INCREASE THE SPEED .I DO THE STEPS WHICH IS SHOW ABOVE BUT DONT WORK.

    1. Hello Chirag ! With the number of users increasing ! It will finally depend on how many users are connected at a time to the same BTS tower.More users means slower speed, unless the service provider increases the bandwidth allocation.I guess in your area the number of users are more than it can handle. Alternatively you can also try this TIP on How to increase internet connection speed
      Good Luck and thanks for the comment.

  2. where the DNS TAB is given?

    Step 2: Change the DNS, this too should be done offline (disconnected). Use Google DNS which is quite fast, the settings are as follows
    Preferred DNS server :

    Alternate DNS server:

    1. Hello Chirag ! do it offline because you will need to disconnect and reconnect for the changes. To change DNS in windows – control panel – network and sharing center – change adopter settings – right click on your network connection icon – click on properties – select internet protocol version 4(TCP/ IPv4) – click properties – Here check “use the following DNS server address” and change the DNS settings.Save settings than reconnect.
      Hope I could help . Do let me know.

  3. download speed is just about 10 kbps .maximum receiving speed is 296 kbps and sending speed is 96 kbps.i follow all the steps but no chang .where i live 3g tower is available and i have both post paid and prepaid card but the speed is too slow.any another trick.

    1. Hello Chirag ! have you set everything to manual in the network settings ? Network to UMTS/HSDPA ? If all else fails. I guess I have no other tricks.You may need to inquire with your area service provider..the problem could be at their end Good Luck.

  4. Hello didnt work for me in Maharashtra, i recharged with 2G plan getting about 1000 kbps to 1200 kbps while browsing but buffering & downloading goes quite slow around 150-200 kbps only, please let me know solution.

    1. Hello Pankaj !! you said 2G ! it has limitations . So I guess you wont get mush benefit unless you opt for 3G plan. Besides video buffering depends a lot on the source site also. I hope you understood what I mean.
      Thanks !! lets see what we can do for 2G plans …

  5. Kuldeep Patani

    Hey sir,
    You’r a great researcher , i worked for me, and all thanks to you , um but one thing I use Micromax 3g data card , how should I go about changing the DNS?

    1. Hello Kuldeep !! nice to know that it worked for you.For changing the DNS data card has nothing to do.Its all in the control panel of network settings. I have already explained that. I hope this helps. Let me know. Thanks.

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