How to increase your Laptop Battery life

How to increase your Laptop Battery life


Tip on How to increase Laptop Battery life 

laptop battery life

Laptops have become mainstream in the corporate world as well as a personal computer and are fast becoming a mass market commodity. For someone who is constantly on the move the Laptops operating time (Battery life) would be a primary concern.

There are moments when one forgets to charge the battery and it dies out just when one is in the middle of some important work.
Here are some very important TIPS How to increase Laptop Battery life. Although the Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) batteries are quite powerful,one must take certain precautions when using them.

Follow these TIPS religiously as to how to increase laptop battery life.which will help you to maintain the efficiency of the battery even after hundreds of charge cycles, you will also learn, how to increase laptop battery life.

LIFE SPAN: There are three primary aspects that determine the LIFE span of a Li-ion batteries. The first one is the number of CHARGE CYCLES that the battery goes through. Most batteries potentially have an average of 500 to 512 charge cycles.This depends on the charging pattern (More on that soon).

Battery ageing is a vital factor that determines its lifespan. the individual cells within a battery’s structure grow old and have life expectancy of about two to three years, irrespective of whether you use them or not.

Battery storage also matters a lot. For instance ambient temperature and humidity can effect battery performance. If this is neglected the performance and the life of the batteries may fall bellow 50% mark.

Follow these TIPS on how to increase laptop battery life. And will ensure maximum and consistent performance of the battery for a longer period of time.

CHARGE RESPONSIBLY: Every time you connect your Laptop to the AC outlet and turn the switch on the Laptop begins a new charging cycle. This is irrespective of the current status of the battery.For instance there might be a 20 to 30 percent charge remaining but it still goes through a new charge cycle. Taking other aspects as ageing and storage in to consideration, reducing the number of charge cycles directly increases the lifespan of a battery.

TIP: Try to charge your Laptop battery only after the battery is relatively exhausted-below 10% is ideal.This is the surest way of how to increase laptop battery life.


  • If you are trying to save battery power refrain from gaming and other multimedia applications.This includes listening to music and watching movies.Further switching off the speakers would also help preserve some juice.
  • Disconnect all external devices such as PC cards, Fire ware and USB devices and optical drives.
  • Avoid using external USB mouse and stick to the touch pad.
  • Instead of executing the files from the optical drive, copy the files to your hard disk and than execute them.
  • While working on your laptop use the “Stand by” mode when you are away for a short while and use the “Hibernate” mode when gone for a longer period
  • Avoid multitasking, if you want to check e-mails and work on a word document and listen to music.Do all the task one at a time. Not to mention do save your work when running on battery.
  • Fancy products like USB fans, lights, and so on. These products use the USB port as the power source.Avoid using them when not necessary.
    I am sure if you follow these guidelines of how to increase laptop battery life, you will find your laptop battery run time life will increase considerably.

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