How To insert Your Signature In Blogpost Automatically

How To insert Your Signature In Blogpost Automatically


How to Create and Insert your Signature in Blogpost  

Have you come across a web page or a blog with the author’s signature at the end of the article? just scroll down to this page,can you see my signature. Every post that I write and publish my signature automatically gets inserted at the end of the post.I think the signature looks great (I just removed it recently due to an update in my Template) and adds a style to your post. Would you like to  insert your signature in blogpost, automatically  ?

If yes than follow this instruction carefully its very easy. I am going to post quite a few screen shots done with this SOFTWARE to show you the step by step procedure how to Insert your Signature in Blogpost.Actually its very easy, and is done online.

OK than, lets get started: How to Insert your signature in Blogpost.
1. First go on to this web site :

How To insert Your Signature In Blogpost Automatically
2. No need to register since this is a one time process so click on PROCEED tab.
3. In the next window you will get a few options (self explanatory) just click on the first option “Using the signature creation wizard” .
How To insert Your Signature In Blogpost Automatically
4. In the next window Step 1 Enter your name here in the box, your name as you want your signature to be, first name or just the initial, up to you.
How To insert Your Signature In Blogpost Automatically

5.Than click next, you will see the following window.Samples of your signatures.The small numbered tabs on the top are different fonts, there are more than 100 different fonts, you can click on any tab and samples of your signature will be displayed.Select the one that  appeals to you most and click the radio button on its side than click NEXT…….

How To insert Your Signature In Blogpost Automatically
6.In the next window (step) here you have to choose size of your signature, I choose 3, than click next…..
How To insert Your Signature In Blogpost Automatically

7. In the next step you will be asked to choose the color.There is a rudimentary color picker,to me it didn’t seem to work so I opened Photoshop choose the blue color, noted down the hex number which will be something like this #bn245d and pasted in the colour code box.Than click NEXT.

8. In the next step you have to select the “slope” I choose 3, select your choice.Than click NEXT….
How To insert Your Signature In Blogpost Automatically
9. Your Signature is ready.Perfectly done, neat and sharp. In the next step click on “Generate a code for my handwritten signature”
How To insert Your Signature In Blogpost Automatically
10. In this last step Click on to “Generate HTML code”
How To insert Your Signature In Blogpost Automatically
Your Signature HTML code will be instantly generated and displayed as shown below.
How To insert Your Signature In Blogpost Automatically

Your signature code will look something like this.You need to copy this code and paste it in notepad and save. Next step would be to put it in your template HTML code (don’t copy this code, your signature code will be different)
<a href=”” target=”_blank”><img src=”
/54490/159/AB12A72008DAC4B84621EEB3FBB6F54F.png” style=”border: 0 !important; background: transparent;”/></a>


NOTE: You can delete the code in red color or simply put there your Blog URL.(keep the semicolons)

Now that your code is ready,where to insert this code and how ? there are two methods:

1. This method is the easiest and doesn’t require you to modify/temper your template code, but the draw back is your signature will appear only in your newer posts that you publish after this, older posts wont display your signature.

To do this log on to your blogger account go to “settings” in your dashboard and than choose “Formatting” from the menu as shown below

Now scroll down to “Post template” box and paste your code there and click on save settings as shown below.You are done, you can preview your blog, but remember, only your newer blog will start showing your signature at the bottom of your post.

Method 2: On your dashboard – got to – Design- Edit HTML- Check the box “expand widget” and find this code in your template. Press Ctrl+F and copy paste the following code (either one which ever works)
&lt;data:post.body/> or this code : data:post.body/>
If found the selected code will be highlighted in your Template HTML. If you find two such codes in your Template than choose the second one and paste the code (Your signature code saved earlier) directly below or after the above code.In my case I got this code in three instances, so I pasted the code in both the second and third line.

The difference is Now my signature appears even in my post snippets (since I use blogger Jump break) and also in your full post page too.PREVIEW your blog. save your Template and you are Done.

Since all Templates are not same don’t worry if you find the code only in two instances. DON’T FORGET TO PASTE YOUR SIGNATURE CODE AFTER THE SECOND ONE.If it does not show your signature in the preview, paste the same code after the first instance the code appears on your template.

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