How to Keep your Laptop Running With the Lid Closed

keep laptop running with the lid closed

Sometimes it might become necessary to keep laptop running with the lid closed. For example you might be working on a important document, or downloading some update files. And if you don’t have time to save the work you are working on, you just close the laptop lid and leave.
What do you think would happen with the documents (or any work you were working on). This will depend on how you have configured your Laptop in the power options what to do when the Lid is closed”.
I have written a post on How to make your Laptop Hibernate automatically when you close the Lid. This is one of the best power option settings (I feel).
But if you are on-line and downloading something, than configuring your laptop power plan to keep laptop running with the lid closed, will be a good option too. This will also come handy specially when you are updating some system files or programs. So even if you close the LID, you want your update to go on without interruption .
So how do you configure to keep laptop running with the lid closed. This tutorial is specially for windows 7,8 the same can be applied in windows XP also but there may be little difference in the menu, however the idea is same.
  1. Click on the start button in windows 7 and type “Power” in the search box or alternatively you can open Control Panel.
  2. In the displayed list Menu click on “Power Options” in the control panel also you can click on the Power option Icon.
  3. On the “Select a power Plan” window on the left panel select and click on “Change when the computer sleeps” as shown below.

keep laptop running with the lid closed

4. In the next Window “Change settings for the plan” click on the “Change advanced power settings” as shown below.
keep laptop running with the lid closed
5. In the Advanced power settings options Window, expand the “Power buttons and Lid” settings

6. Now click on the + sign on the side of “Lid Close action” and choose “Do nothing” on both, “On Battery” and “Plugged in”.This is up to you, running the Laptop on with the Lid closed while on Battery power, this is not a safe option, so it is better to choose “when plugged in” option.

keep laptop running with the lid closed

7. Now click on “Apply” and “OK”. That’s it.

                 After applying and activating this power option, your Laptop won’t go to Sleep or Hibernate mode even after closing the Lid. This option is most useful if you are downloading some important files and don’t want to interrupt.
However, there is a small issue ; if you keep laptop running with the lid closed, it might get heated up faster as some heat is also expelled through the gaps between the keyboard key’s.
For other purpose, if you need to close the Laptop lid without saving and want to resume your work where you left,without loosing any data. Best power option would be to let your Laptop go in to Hibernation mode. So next time when you wake up your laptop by pressing the power button, you will be back where you left. A detail post on this you will find here.


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