How To Know Its Time To Replace Laptop Battery

How To Know Its Time To Replace Laptop Battery


All batteries eventually die, that includes Laptop battery too. No matter how well you may take care, your laptop battery will eventually die. Its always good to follow the golden rules to maintain laptop battery.

To many it may seem Laptop battery dies suddenly. But its not, windows usually warns you when your laptop battery reaches extremely low capacity level. If you heed those warning, you will be wise enough to replace laptop battery.

But than, you don’t have to wait for windows to warn you. You can keep a tab on your laptop battery life and capacity. And act on time, like replacing with a new battery.

Batteryinfoview is such a utility for laptops and net-books, that displays the current status and other host of information about laptop battery. This tiny tool can display the laptop battery name, manufacturer name, serial number and much more.

This tool is very handy, it displays the current battery capacity, full charged capacity. From the image below you can see the value of designed capacity, 66,600 mWh and the current capacity value as 65,490 mWh. A reduction of 1,110 mWh. And battery wear level at 98.3%. With continuous usage the value of current capacity value will decrease, as the laptop battery life reduces.
Replace Laptop Battery

These information about laptop battery status, are very helpful as it will warn a user when to replace laptop battery.

Another important information this tool displays, is the how long the laptop battery will last for the current activity that you may be doing. See the image below.

                   Replace Laptop Battery

System Requirements And Limitations:

1:This utility works on any version of Windows, starting from windows
2000 and up to Windows 7 and windows 8.
2:Some information, like serial number and manufacture date is only
displayed if the battery provides this information.

Here is a short video about this software usage.


This is a must have tool if you own a laptop or netbook. Very small in size just 114KB. And the best part is, BatteryInfoView doesn’t require any installation process or additional dll files. In order to start using it, simply run the executable file – BatteryInfoView.exe

Download Battery Info View.