How To Make Matrix Type wall Paper

Make Matrix style Face Book Timeline profile and wall paper

How to make Matrix type Timeline profile picture for Face book.This is a simple tutorial to show you, how easily you can make a Matrix Type wall paper in Photoshop. Some of my friends in face book requested for the tutorial “How to make Matrix type Timeline profile picture” so here is a simple tutorial of How to make a Matrix type wall paper, to be used as face book timeline profile. Although this tutorial is for Facebook timeline profile , you can make wall paper also, you just have to change your document size in Photoshop.
So here we go:
                                In Photoshop (I’m using CS3) but any version will do, open a new document size 851 by 358 , I’m using this size since this is for Facebook timeline profile, you can use any size you want.
Step 1: Fill your document with white color (#ffffff)
Step 2:  Go to filter- Texture- Grain, Put  Intensity to 100, contrast to 100 and grain type to Vertical as shown below
Step 3:  Now comes the fun part, go to Filter – Artistic- Neon glow
Glow size – 5 and glow brightness – 20 , color # 36ff00
Step 4: Now go to Filter – Stylize – Glowing edges and use the following settings
Edge:- 1
Edge brightness:- 5
Smoothness:- 1
Now your Image will look like this
The final step now is to give this Image the typical color green , so go to Image adjustments-Hue /saturation
Pull the Hue slider all the way to the right (+180), keep the other two sliders to 0, and you get your typical green color. As shown below. You can adjust the color with the Hue slider as per your liking.
That’s it, you have your Matrix type wall paper.
You can add anything you want on top of it. Here I have used the typo tool to write MATRIX
Click on the typo tool, choose the Courier new font and type MATRIX , this will form a new layer on top, double click the text layer which will bring up the Layer style dialogue box, on the left panel click on the outer glow, on the right panel choose color same as above (#36ff00), opacity to 88, blend mode to Normal,
Technique- softer,
Spread- 4
Size- 10
There you have it. Your final picture should look like this.
How to make Matrix type wall paper

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