How to Make your PC run Faster Part 1

How to Make your PC run Faster Part 1

 Top 10 tips How to make your PC run faster for free:     Part-1

How to make your PC run faster for free. Regular maintenance of your PC with system utilities will keep your system’s health in top. No matter what may be the configurations of your computer,with these tips and  free software you can make Your PC run faster
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How to Make your PC run Faster For Free:

I have compiled the 10 (ten) most important tips to make your computer run faster, putting all these in one post will be a very lengthy post, so I had to write two post. Don’t forget to read the second post too.
Top 5 ways on How to Make your PC run faster for free:
Number 1 in my List:    Defragment your hard disk to size up those files in your hard disk.
how to make your pc run faster for free

     In a new computer your hard disk is relatively empty,so when you install a program or save some files it stores it in one block.Being a new PC when you want to excess these files, the computer gets that information very fast since its located in block.

But as you go on adding files ,installing programs, your hard drive begins to fill up. When you delete files,uninstall programs or move files within the disk,empty spaces or gaps are created (space occupied by a deleted file).

After sometime whenever you install some programs  or saving some music files,photos etc, your computer no longer saves these data’s in a block. Instead it will save these data’s in pieces in those empty spaces.

The end result is that your files are stored in pieces in every nooks and corner of your hard disk. This is what we call as fragmented hard disk. So when you try to access those files surely your computer will fetch it for you. But will take a much longer time since it has to collect all those pieces of data of the same file and display it in your screen.

So Whats the solution ? Defrag your hard disk. Disk defragmenters are software which does the job of eliminating those small gaps of empty space by bringing the bits of the same file in to one location /block. There by making it easier to access those files and increasing the speed of your computer.

Windows has its own built in disk defragmenter, you may use it. There are free software’s which can do the job as good as if not better. Here is a list of Top three best free Disk defragmenter for windows.

Top 5 ways on:How to Make your PC run faster for free:

TIP Number 2 & 3 in my List: Clean and Fix up your Registry and Free up Disk Space :

I have clubbed this two tips together because majority of the software does this two job. So one software can do both the job for you.

System registry is the heart and soul of your computer. Anything and everything that you do in your computer is recorded in the registry.

When you install a new program, it makes it makes its own entry in the registry. The built in uninstaller of a program fails to delete everything and leaves behind lot of temporary files and registry entries. Entries which are no longer used and unnecessary.Over the time these entries makes your registry bloated and fragmented. Slowing down your system considerably.

 Ccleaner a free software to clean your Registry. Optimize and clean your system with this world class freeware.
Top 5 ways: How to Make your PC run faster for free: Number 4 in my list:

Find and repair Disk errors, Bad sectors to make your computer run faster:In addition to running Disk defragmenter,registry Cleaner,and freeing up disk space. To optimize the performance of your computer its very important to check for any errors in file system or find for any bad sectors in the Disk.

Because this will slow down your system considerably. Your hard disk can develop bad sectors or system file errors. The windows default Error checking utility and bad sector repair utility does this job for you and does it well. Use this utility at least twice a month. You can also try this freeware on how find bad sectors and problems in Hard disk.
Top 5 ways on How to Make your PC run faster for free: Number 5 in my list:
Get rid of Adware and Spyware.
Spyware and Adware can be vary a very Nasty and also difficult to deal with.

So what is a SPYWARE? Its a software by itself with malicious intent- designed to be like that. It usually gets installed in your computer without your knowledge and can happen if you are in habit of downloading software’s from untrusted sites or via torrent.

I have posted a detailed Article on What are the signs of Infection with spyware, how to detect and get rid of it.

Scan and clean your PC with the best free Spyware removal software.
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