How To Optimize Images For Your Blog with Photoshop

How To Optimize Images For Your Blog with Photoshop

How to Optimize Images for Blog With Photoshop.

optimize images with photoshop

If you are a blogger or own a website, I am sure you are uploading images too. As it is said “A picture speaks  thousand words”.

But than if you upload images without optimizing, it will slow down your site drastically. That’s not good for your readers and definitely not for SEO point of view.

So how do you optimize your images, before uploading ? 

This is a very simple step by step Photoshop tutorial where You can easily optimize images with photoshop in a few steps.

Step 1: Open your Image in Photoshop. From the Menu click on Image > Image size – Photoshop will show the present size of the image in pixels. Make sure to keep the resolution at 72 and check the box that says “Constrain proportions” at the bottom.

Under the Width and Height at the top you can put the size (in pixels) according to your choice. But since we are optimizing it for the web, smaller the size the better. A size of 300 px to 400 px should be good enough for the web.Since we have already checked the “Constrain proportions” what ever figure (size) you put under the width, the height also will be automatically calculated.

Than click on OK, Photoshop will re size your photo.

optimize images with photoshop

Step 2: If you want to do some tweaking to your photo, you can do it now before saving it for the web. 

Step 3: Now its time to save it. Click on the File menu and from the drop down menu choose “ Save for Web and Devices” as shown below.

optimize images with photoshop

Step 4: In the save for web and devices window , you will get the following options. On the right panel check the box “Optimize” (by default it should be checked). Choose JPEG for the format to “ Medium”. You can adjust the quality slider, I found quality between 30 to 45 is good enough. At the bottom left you can see the image size as you adjust the quality slider.

Now click on the save button. Photoshop will save your optimized image in the folder you specify.

optimize images with photoshop

That’s it. with this simple 4 step you can easily optimize images with photoshop for the web. You can play around with the settings in Photoshop if you are not satisfied with the outcome.

In the quality section you can use “High” instead of medium, but remember the size of the Image will increase, defeating the very purpose of this tutorial.

Here is a short Video, you can watch to understand better:

You May also like to try out this amazing Image optimization software

Hope this simple Tutorial was of help. How do you normally optimize your Images for the web ? Any better option ? share with us.

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  1. That’s a real good TIPS, fits nicely with your Blog Title. Must say nice tutorial and easy to follow. I will be expecting more Photoshop tutorials from you. Great JOB.

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      Thank you for visiting my Blog. I am pleased that this TIP was helpful to you. You can bet, there will be more Photoshop tutos coming. Thanks again.

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