How To Password Protect And Lock Folders In Windows

How to password protect and lock folders in windows, containing sensitive documents. You may have important and sensitive documents in your PC and want to protect it from prying eyes.

Password protect and lock any folder in windows with this freeware. Systools folder key is a small and very efficient tool to password protect and lock folders.


Download the freeware tool (download link given below) and install it. When you open the program it shows some related links.

Click on the “Lock / Unlock” menu tab.
Password Protect And Lock Folders

On the next window click on the “ Folder locking” radio button, it should be active by default…… Now click on next at the bottom.
Password Protect And Lock Folders

On the next window click on “ Add Folder” tab. This will open windows explorer, browse and select the folder you want to password protect. The selected folder path will be shown instantly.

Double click on the “password” field and enter a password. Than click on the “Lock” button
Password Protect And Lock Folders
Your selected folder is now locked. To check, close the application and browse to the location of the folder. The locked folder will show a small yellow lock symbol. Even if you click nothing will happen, since its locked, the folder won’t open.

There is also an option to set same password for all the folder that you lock. If you are locking too many folders, it will be wise to enable this option. Since you might forget the password for every folder locked.


Open the tool, click on the lock / unlock menu, and in the next window, this time click on the “Folder unlocking” radio tab and click next. The locked folder will be shown.
Password Protect And Lock Folders
Click on the “Unlock” button, a password form will open. Enter your password, click OK and the locked folder will be unlocked.


  • Block a Complete multiple file storing Folder with desirable password
  • Dual Option for Folder Protection: Folder Locking & Unlocking
  • Unblock all the password protected Folders at once in batch
  • Option to set same password for all folders selected to block
  • Works on all Windows OS: Windows 8.1 & below versions


In conclusion, this program is small in size, and easy to use. Useful if you want a simple free tool to password protect and lock folders, keeping sensitive documents in a  locked folder. However this is not a foolproof method, since it doesn’t encrypt the locked content.

Download the latest version of Systools Folder Key.

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