How To Play MKV Movies With Unsupported Audio Format On TV

How To Play MKV Movies With Unsupported Audio Format On TV

How to play MKV or AVI movie files with unsupported Audio format on your Big LED TV.

Now a days there are many types of Movie formats, like HD, UHD, 4K, MKV, AVI, MP4…the list can go on and on.

Recently I bought a 50 inch Micromax LED TV, model number 50B5000FHD. This is a cheap and affordable LED TV. Considering the price (I paid 43000 INR) it has all the facilities, and the picture quality is comparable to hot brands from Samsung, LG etc.

When I tested my collections of movies, all played well, except one AVATAR. This was a blue-ray movie in MKV format. The movie played fine but no audio. The Audio format was not supported by the TV. Surprisingly no message appeared on the screen.

A quick Google search, revealed that even top TV brands like Samsung and LG also have similar issues with audio codecs.

How to play MKV movies with unsupported Audio format:

The obvious solution was to convert the Audio file format, that is supported by the TV. In my case I did not wanted to re-encode the video, as it would be time consuming and also the quality of the video will be degraded. I need to convert the audio format only, keeping the video intact.

Luckily there is a Free software, AVIDEMUX.

Download, install and open Avidemux. Load the Video file whose audio format is not supported by the TV. In my case it was the movie Avatar.

Once the video file is loaded by Avidemux, on the left panel of the UI…

           Unsupported Audio Format

> For Video option choose the copy option ( this should be selected by default)
> Under Audio output : Select AC-3(lav) recommended. But you can also choose AAC.
> Under output format : Select either MKV muxer or AVI muxer or MP4 muxer. This will depend on the original movie file MKV , AVI or MP4.

Click on the save button. Encoding is quite fast, but will depend on your systems configuration. Since you are not encoding the video, quality remains the same.