How To Print A Poster On Multiple Pages In Photoshop

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How To Print A Poster On Multiple Pages In Photoshop. You can  print huge posters using a regular home printer.

To print a poster on multiple pages first you would have to split the photo into parts. So that every part fits in to a A4 size photo paper, that can be printed on a regular home printer.

Here’s How to Print a Poster on multiple pages in Photoshop

Remember, to blow up an image and print it as a poster, your image must be of very high quality. Though it depends how big a poster you want to print.

First open the Image in Photoshop. (here I am using a windows wall paper for example)

Print A Poster

From the Tools list on the left select the “SLICE” tool in Photoshop.

After selecting the slice tool, right click on the image, that is open in Photoshop.

Print A Poster

From the context menu select Divide Slice. Photoshop will show you the following options.

Print A Poster

This is where you can slice a photo in to multiple pages to print your poster. Put a check mark under “Divide horizontally into” . Here you can enter the number of pages you want the photo to split horizontally. For example if you put 4, Photoshop will slice the image in to 4 equal parts.

Similarly put a check mark on “Divide vertically into”. Here too you can insert a number that you want to slice the image vertically. Naturally the slice number should same horizontally and vertically . After that click on OK.

For this image I wanted to print it in to 4  A4 size paper,so I put 2 in both the fields. As you can see in the below image, Photoshop slices the image in to four different images.

Print A Poster

Remember, the more is the number of slices, the bigger will be your poster. Since each image will be printed in one A4 size photo paper.

The above image has been sliced in to four equal parts, which can be printed on 4 ..A4 size photo paper.

To save this sliced images. Click on File and choose “Save for Web & Devices

Print A Poster

Under “Save for web & Devices options, make sure to choose JPEG in the right panel. Put a check mark “Optimized”. You can choose the option JPEG medium or high, quality to 100. Keep all settings to default.

Print A Poster

Now click on save button and save the images where you want to save. Photoshop will save the sliced images saved on a folder “Images” with all the sliced images.

Print A Poster

Each of these images can be printed on a A4 sized photo paper and glued together and you have your poster. Very easy to print a poster on multiple pages in Photoshop.

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