How To Recover Password In Microsoft Office Documents

How To Recover Password In Microsoft Office Documents


Recover Password In Microsoft Office DocumentsMany of us password protect our office and excel documents. To prevent unauthorized access and editing. This becomes a necessity if you have sensitive documents and you are on a shared computer.

Microsoft office 2007-2010 are built with significantly improved security features. And the password allotted to word and excel documents are extremely hard to break. Hard to recover password, if you have forgotten.

If you have forgotten the password and want to recover password In Microsoft Office Documents. You may try the following tools. Hopefully it might help if the password is not strong.

Methods to Recover Password In Microsoft Office Documents, 2007, 2010:

Presently there are only two basic methods of breaking/cracking passwords

1. Dictionary searches

2. Brute force attacks.

Dictionary search is very quick method to recover password. But it does not help if the password was created artificially. Artificially created password means, the password is not a word. But random combinations of letters, numbers, and/or symbols. If your password is a word and can be found in a dictionary, this method might help.

Brute force attack method on the other hand, tries all possible combinations of specified symbols. If the password has less than six characters/symbols. Than the recovery can be done quickly with brute force attacks. However with longer password’s recovery can take much longer, hours or even days.

If you need to Recover Password In Microsoft Office Documents.(Office 2007-2010). You can try password recovery for word and excel from “”.

You can also try some utilities available on “” and to recover password.

There is also a free utility to Recover Password In Microsoft Office Documents, called as “Crackit”. It can be downloaded from 

Caution: Please do note that none of these utilities are guaranteed to work or give you the required results. In certain cases you may be lucky if the password applied to the word or excel document is weak. If you intend to password protect your word and excel documents, always keep a backup copy elsewhere hidden that only you know.

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