How To Remove Autorun.inf Virus From Pendrive

How To Remove Autorun.inf Virus From Pendrive

(updated 13 June 2015)
 How to remove Autorun.inf virus from pendrive and other removal USB drives.

The autorun.inf virus is a super hidden executable file that spreads through flash drives. This virus resides inside your thumb or flash drive. And spreads each time you insert the thumb drive into an uninfected computer. The virus gets activated when you double-click to view the contents.

If you do not remove autorun.inf virus from pendrive, it will eventually lock you out of your files and leave your computer vulnerable to unauthorized persons.

The biggest problem is none of the popular personal anti-virus applications can detect “autovirus.inf”. and it cannot be detected or removed by ANY reputable source offered on the Internet.

It MUST be detected manually, to successfully remove autorun.inf virus from pendrive. In order to remove autorun.inf virus from thumb drive, we just need to replace file with a new Autorun.inf file.

However It might be a good idea to know the signs of infection with Autorun.inf Virus

How to Remove Autorun.inf Virus, from Thumb Drive Manually:

1. Attach your infected Thumb drive to your PC or laptop

2. Open a notepad file on your desktop. Don’t write anything on the notepad

3. Save this blank notepad file as “Autorun.inf” in the Thumb drive.
remove autorun.inf virus from pendrive

4. Windows will ask you whether to replace this file, click”yes”. This will overwrite the original file with this blank autorun.inf file.

That’s it. The autorun.inf virus is now removed from your thumb drive.

You may wonder how this could be possible. The logic behind this is when you saved the notepad file as “autorun.inf” which is empty, overwrites the original autorun.inf file. And a empty autorun.inf file can not execute automatically.

This is the simplest way to remove Autorun.inf virus from Pendrive.

If the above method some how fails to remove the autorun.inf virus. You may try to remove autorun.inf virus manually with WINRAR.