How To Remove Magnets From Hard Drive

How To Remove Magnets From Hard Drive

                 magnets from hard drive

How to remove Magnets from old hard disks. I am sure you must be having some old dead Hard disk lying around? Did you know Hard disks have a pair of very strong Earth magnets, known as NEODYMIUM magnets. These are rare earth magnets.

Unfortunately these hard drive magnets are fixed on a metal plate and placed firmly inside the hard disk. Really difficult to take out.

These magnets are very strong and comes in handy in many ways. So don’t throw away those dead hard disks.

But if you do not know, it may be really difficult to remove the magnets from dead hard disk. Here is a short video to show how you can remove Magnets from hard drive.

Remove Magnets from hard drive : How To


Almost all newer hard disk has two magnets. The hard disk I used here had only one magnet. Remember I told you old dead hard disk? well this was my oldest dead hard disk, and it had only one magnet. In newer hard disk the top cover will also have one magnet.

What can you do with these powerful Magnets:

These are super-powerful magnets that you can use for all sorts of things. Just for example,Use them for ultra-strong refrigerator door magnets.

Temporarily Magnetize Your Screwdriver when you’re tinkering, especially on a project with tiny screws, it can be very useful.

The hard disk platters are extremely polished and make pretty cool mirrors. Combine  with a hard drive magnet and you’ve got yourself a awesome geeky mini-mirror for your fridge, your locker at the office or gym.You just need to Google and you will find plenty of tips for these powerful hard disk magnets.