How To Resize Desktop Icons In Windows Quickly

By default the desktop icons in windows are quite large approx. 32 pixels. If you are like me and want to resize desktop icons in windows to smaller size. So more icons can fit in and also make your desktop look clean and tidy. Here is a very simple and quick way to resize desktop icons in windows.

Though there are several ways to resize windows desktop icons, including windows own built in icon size. But these have predefined fixed sizes. With this simple method you can resize desktop icons in windows to your own desired size.

After a fresh re-install of windows you will probably have only these two icons on desktop. Your desktop looks clean and tidy.

                 resize desktop icons in windows

But after you start installing programs, games and make shortcuts of frequently used applications on your desktop. Your Desktop may end up looking something like this.

resize desktop icons in windows

This is the image of my desktop. I have not installed even half of the applications that I use. But my desktop is almost half full with icons. I need to resize these icons to smaller size. Windows built in small icons options doesn’t work for me.

So, How to Resize Desktop Icons in Windows Quickly: Press the control button on the keyboard. Now rotate the scroll wheel of your scroll mouse forward or backward.

Keep the control button pressed and roll the scroll button forward, this will increase the size of the icons. Roll the scroll button backward, your icons will become smaller and smaller. Resize the icons according to your liking. My desktop icons now looks like this.

resize desktop icons in windows

Icon size are reasonably smaller and I have also gained more space on my desktop.

Alternatively, you can also resize desktop icons in windows, by right clicking on any empty space in desktop > from the context menu > select View > Small Icons.
Resize Desktop Icons In Windows

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