How To Save A Word Document As PDF

How to convert a MS word document or save a word document as a PDF ?

PDF which stands for (Portable document format) is one of the most commonly used file types today. If you happen to download a form or document from the web, there’s a good chance it’s a PDF file.

PDF files are primarily meant for viewing and for editing. Anybody with a PDF file reader can open and view the file. Even if the recipient computer doesn’t have MS word installed. If you have a word document with multiple pages and want to share with someone, there is no better way than to send it as a single PDF file.

How To Save A Word Document As  PDF

Once your word document complete (whether single or multi page) click on the Word orb for the menu.
 Word Document As PDF

From the menu click on “Save as”. Under save as menu option click on “ PDF or XPS” option. This will open the following options.

 Word Document As PDF

On this page you can also click on the “Options” tab for more options. The options you get here is the pages that you want to save as PDF. This comes handy if you want only certain pages of a document to save as PDF. You can choose the pages (page numbers) or by default you can save all pages as PDF, than click on OK.

Next give a file name for the PDF, make sure that under “Save as” PDF is selected. At the bottom of this menu page click on “Publish” this will save a word document as PDF. That’s it.

This PDF file can be opened by any PDF reader, like Foxit reader, Adobe acrobat reader etc.

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