How to See Hidden Files In Windows 7

How to See Hidden Files In Windows 7

see hidden files in windows

How to see hidden files in windows 7 ? Make windows show all the hidden files.

By default, windows hides certain files. So you can not see these files when you explore your files and folders. The files windows hides are typically are system files, that if tampered with could cause problems with your system and even make it un-bootable.

Though a user can set to make a file hidden by changing it in the files attribute to hidden. Its  beneficial at times to be able to see any hidden files in windows . (this is applicable to all windows versions).

Because many spyware and Malware also may hide in your system as a hidden files in windows 7. In this tutorial I will try to explain how to see all hidden files in windows 7.


Step 1. First of all close all open programs.

Step 2. Click on the windows start button and from the start menu click on the control panel icon to open the control panel as shown below.

see hidden files in windows

Step 3. Under “Adjust your computers settings” click on the “Appearances and personalization” option, and you will get this window.

see hidden files in windows

Step 4: Here click on the “Folder options” and you will get the following options.

see hidden files in windows

Step 5: Under this Folder options window, on the top click on the “View” Tab, and scroll down and under the “Hidden files and folders” option click on the “show hidden files, folders and drives” radio button to activate it, than click on apply and than OK.

That’s it, Windows is now configured to show all hidden files, folders and drives too. Hidden files and folders are displayed slightly grayed out and can be easily differentiated from the regular files and folders.

Some files like desktop.ini may appear inside many folders, these are system files. Any suspect files like a spyware or malware files will now become visible and can be deleted (provided you know exactly what your are doing, so be cautious). 

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