How To Setup BSNL Wimax Outdoor Unit

How To Setup BSNL Wimax Outdoor Unit

How To Setup BSNL Wimax Outdoor Unit : For Optimal RSSI and CINR Values. 

Wimax is a acronym and it stands for (Worlwide Interoperability for Microwave Access ). Wimax is a unique technology deployed first time in India by BSNL. Wimax technology provides fixed as well as mobile, high speed Internet connectivity along with roaming facility.

BSNL Wimax provides three different type of connectivity CPE (Customer premises equipment).

Indoor : Best suited for home/ office users.
USB Dongle : Can be connected directly to PC/Laptop via USB port.
Outdoor CPE: Best suited for rural areas and in areas where signal strength is poor.

Installing and setting up Wimax is pretty simple and straight, specially if you are using Indoor CPE or a USB dongle. But not so with a outdoor CPE, if the signal strength is weak.


(UPDATE: Since the outdoor unit will be outside. On the Status > Device set up window of Wimax, at the bottom click on      ” Auto” to activate it. So when you are adjusting the direction the values of RSSI and CINR will be automatically updated, instead of you requiring to click on the Refresh button, again and again. Better still if you have a wireless router connected to the Wimax , you can use your Phones Wi-Fi to check the signal strength.)

Setting up a indoor wimax CPE is straight and simple. The indoor modem has LED indicator which makes it easier to know about the signal strength and Internet connection.

However the BSNL Wimax outdoor unit does not have any such indicator. So this makes it difficult to know the signal strength and signal quality. More so if you don’t know the direction of the BTS tower.

If you have faced this situation, just follow this simple guide to setup BSNL wimax outdoor unit. First of all fix the outdoor unit firmly on a pole and place it on the roof top (preferably). Make sure that there is no obstructions, like near by trees or tall buildings.

Assuming you have connected both the indoor and outdoor component, with the cable provided. Now connect it to your PC or Laptop with the LAN cable. Switch on the power supply. Since there is no indicator light, don’t expect to see anything on the indoor component except the power on green light.

Open your web browser and type the Wimax IP address in the browser address bar. Which is usually than press enter. By default the user name and password is Admin (please check the manual, it could be different). Login and you will see the Wimax setup window.
bsnl wimax outdoor unit

On the left option click on the “Status” tab. You will see all sorts of information. Scroll down , our main concern here is the value of RSSI and CINR values.

RSSI stands for :Received signal strength indicator.This value shows  signal strength of wimax.
CINR stands for: Carrier to interference + noise ratio. This value shows signal to noise ratio, quality of signal.

Acceptable values for RSSI and CINR is. RSSI should be between –50 to –85 dBm,  lower the value, better is the signal strength. So you want the RSSI to be closer to –50.
CINR value should be between 10 to 30 or 40 dB. You should try to have CINR close to 30. But any value of 20 or more is good.

Check these values. If its not close to optimal values, slowly change the direction of the outdoor unit. You may have to wait for a few seconds for the unit to get the signal and see the changes in the values. Once you get the optimal values tighten the unit firmly, so that it does not move.

Now on the top menu click on the “Wimax Status” and you will see this window.
bsnl wimax outdoor unit

It should show State as “Operational” and Security as “Authorized”.

That’s it, you are now connected to Internet. You can easily setup a home network with a router to share Internet connection of BSNL Wimax

NOTE: If there are more than one BTS tower. Try to position the outdoor unit such a way that it receives signal from one BTS tower. Normally there should be seamless change over between towers or you may experience random disconnection and re connection. BTS tower ID you will know from the “Serving BSID” number.Remember the BSID number for future reference.

Without the indicators, there’s no way to know and adjust the outdoor unit direction.

In areas where the signal is poor, follow this simple guide to setup BSNL Wimax outdoor unit.

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  1. Thanks for the inputs. Should wide area scan be on or off on outdoor cpe? Any idea about the bank frequencies?

  2. sir which wifi router will work with bsnl wimax outdoor cpe , i choose Netgear JNR1010 N150 Wireless Router and TP-LINK TL-WR740N 150Mbps Wireless N Router, will these router will work with it or not ,if there is any other router which u suggest , i dont need any other features in router like usb dongle port , i just want to connect my bsnl wimax , so that i can access internet in my mobile , tab and in other laptops…………..

    • Hello Anuj !! any router will work with BSNL wimax outdoor unit. Your first choice Netgear JNR1010 N150 Wireless Router is a good choice. This is considered as one of the best budget standard entry-level WiFi router which provides Wireless-N speeds up to 150 Mbps. Go for it and good luck.

      • Thank u Mr. Ben , actualy before visiting your site i searched a lot in google but did’t find any solution to my query but u reply very soon and resolved my problem , i read your profile, by profesion u r medical profesional ,but i must say u r a passionate tech lover

        once again thank you


        • Thank you Anuj !! for your appreciation and I am glad that the article was of help to you.And yes I am a Doctor by profession but a tech lover. Blogging to help home users.
          Thanks again.

    • Hello Prem dutt !! RSSI value 50 is preferable for good signal strength. But I found RSSI between 50 to 75 is OK. Though net speed will differ.I have seen RSSI even at 80 also worked. Depends on number of users connecting to the same BSID.

      • sir
        I live in rajauri, jammu and there is lots of trees around my house and this is the best value i am getting i.e RSSI value is between 84-90 and CINR is between 10-15 , and in torrent my downloading speed is around 60-65 kB/s , my plan is home 750 unlimited , is that ok or not,

        • Well Anuj !! since we cant shift the trees, only option is to raise the height of your antenna. The values you mentioned though not optimal but ur torrent speed seems acceptable. May be less users. Try to increase the height of the antenna if it helps.Good Luck

  3. 1.
    BS ID: 06:2E:08:0C:0F:20
    Frequency: 2652500
    CINR Mean: 22.57dB
    CINR Deviation: 8.88dB
    CINR Reuse 1: 16.53dB
    RSSI: -55.10dBm
    Tx Power: 11.56dBm

    BS ID: 06:2E:08:0C:0F:00
    Frequency: 2647500
    CINR Mean: 27.00dB
    CINR Deviation: 10.48dB
    CINR Reuse 1: 19.38dB
    RSSI: -46.79dBm
    Tx Power: 18.00dBm

    Operator ID: 06:2E:08
    BS ID: 06:2E:08:0C:0F:10
    Frequency: 2642500
    CINR Mean: 38.79dB
    CINR Deviation: 26.69dB
    CINR Reuse 1: 30.85dB
    RSSI: -36.52dBm
    Tx Power: -18.85dBm

    Out of three which one is better according to RSSI, CINR & Tx Power.. According to search RSSI range is from -50 to -85 dBm & CINR from 10 to 30 dB & Tx power should be positive.
    My CPE use 3rd connection most of time but if i look at different values its not best connection to base..Speed on all three connections is almost same..

    • Hello Rahul !! that was an extensive information. As I said earlier too. It all depends on the number of users connecting to the same base serving base. BSID you gave are all different. Confirm from BSNL if they are different or from the same tower. Accordingly try to face it to the best BSID tower. Besides your speed will also depend on which plan you have subscribed to. Here is a link showing my Wimax status image, I’m getting good speed with these values. LINK

  4. sir my RSSI IS 64 TO 66DB and CINR IS 26 to 29 It is good or not Ihave 750 plan of wimax outdoor cpe with 2mb bandbidth but my speed is only 80 to 90 kb/s

    • Hello Harwinder !! Your RSSI and CINR figures are not too bad, but not very good either. I have already explained that(Optimal desirable levels of RSSI and CINR) ultimately it will depend on the number of users connecting to the same BSID.Try adjusting your outdoor CPE, sometimes changing the position of the CPE makes a lot of difference. Good Luck.

  5. Sir I want ask something If i connect wifi router to my wimax antena cable so it will increase speed or not ? Sorry for my english

  6. hello sir..plz tell me that what equipments do we get with wimax if i have selectes for only outdoor cpe? also i have digisol dg-bg4100n adsl router+modem so will the ethernet cable from outdoor cpe will connect directly to lan port of my owned digisol modem ? kindly reply fast plz.

    • Hello Amit !! For outdoor CPE, you will get the outdoor unit and the indoor unit along with a power adopter and a about a meter long LAN RJ45 cable. The indoor unit requires the power supply and has two port named as DATA and PoE. As for your second question ADSL router cum modem is for broadband connection via telephone line only.

  7. sir please inform me is there any router which direct uses poe,i mean the cable comes from outerdoor cpe antina

      • we both are asking you that if we connect the cable coming from outdoor cpe which first goes to poe device and from there a lan cable comes and connects to pc. so can we connect this lan cable to our own modem+router and from modem connect another lan cable to our laptop. also like this way we can use wifi from our modem for other device. as this method i have search somewhere in google and its working. so plz give your

        • Hello Amit !! If I recall the earlier question was to connect ADSL cum Modem router. If your router has a Ethernet port that accepts RJ-45 than you can connect the LAN cable that comes from the DATA port of the CPE. Most ADSL modem cum router has RJ-11 size port which is used for broadband connection via telephone line. There’s a difference between RJ-45 and RJ-11 size. RJ-45 has eight pins and RJ-11 connectors are slightly smaller in size. Easy to get confused. So please check your ADSL cum Modem router’s port sizes and also do read the documentation.If you use a general Router with Ethernet port and LAN port you will have no problem of connecting via wi-fi as well as LAN cable.
          I hope your queries is answered.
          And thank you.

  8. sir i mean that the cable comes from antina can directly inserted in the router with out interfrance of poe adaptor or we can say that i did not want to use poe adopter

    • Hello Malik !! You have to use the adopter that comes with outdoor CPE because it supplies power to the outdoor unit, and without power it wont work. The LAn port that says DATA can be connected directly to your Computer or to a Router’s WAN port.

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