How to Submit Blogger sitemap to Google Webmaster

How to Submit Blogger sitemap to Google Webmaster


How to submit blogger sitemap to google webmastersitemap is very Important, which most Bloggers Ignores or just forgets.Submitting site map to search Engine is actually very easy.

Submitting sitemap is to inform the search engines to crawl and to index all your blog pages. So that it can discover every pages from links within the site, and the pages gets displayed in searches, that’s why its important to submit blogger sitemap to google webmaster.
So What is SITEMAP?
Site Map as the name implies, is just a map of your site. That basically shows the structure of your site on a single page, which includes, its sections, the links between them etc. Sitemaps are an important way of communications between your site and search engines for indexing all your Blog contents.
This is the shortest and precise way of defining the importance of Site Map submission to search engine .I hope you got the basic idea and importance of Site Map submission.

Here’s How to submit sitemap to google webmaster:

1. First Find out how many posts you have already published. This you probably already know or if you are not sure. Log on to your Blogger account and  go to settings –Posts- There you will see the number of posts already published shown at the top of the lists of published Posts.

According to the number of posts you have published, you will need to insert/type the following in the Google’s webmaster tools. (see below for details)

For Less than 1000 blog post
Less than 1500 blog post


2. Now that you know the number of Blog post Published, Lets proceed to the next step to add this site map to Googles webmaster tools.
Follow these steps.

In this page it will display the List of Blogs you have,choose the one for which you want to submit site map, as shown below.

  • submit sitemap to google webmaster


Click on the Blog URL you choose, and you will get the following window
submit sitemap to google webmaster Here Click on the “ADD/TEST SITEMAP button on the top right corner of the window. You will get this .submit sitemap to google webmaster

  • Here in the box next to your blog URL(in this image its showing my blog URL) either type or copy paste the code as shown above, corresponding to the number of blog post published, than click on the “Submit Site Map”.

  • Your site map will be updated and you may be asked to refresh(reload) the page. On reloading the page Google webmaster tool will display the number of posts submitted and number of posts already indexed. as shown below

  • submit sitemap to google webmaster


  • That’s it you are done. Now you just have to wait for Google to crawl all your pages and index it.This may take a day or few days. You can log on to Google webmaster tool later again to check how many pages have been indexed.


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