How To Transfer Files Faster

How To Transfer Files Faster


Transfer files faster, Copy files faster between your PC and any USB drives without any error. Pause and resume transfer of files.
The problem with the default windows file transfer is , if there is a error during the process of file transfer or copying it stops there. And you need to restart it all over again since there is no resume facility. On top of it transferring big files specially movies etc. takes a long time. Here is freeware to transfer files faster, without any error.
transfer files faster
Terracopy freeware
TERACOPY is a freeware , with this tool you can transfer files faster, pause and resume. It moves files at the maximum possible speed. Giving you a lot of features to transfer files faster or copying files in Hard disk or USB drives or CD etc. If there is a copying error, during file transfer it will resume from the same position instead of copying the data from beginning, that’s the beauty of this app.

Notable features of this app TERACOPY:

1:Copy/transfer files faster. This app uses dynamically adjusted buffers to reduce seek times. Asynchronous copy speeds up file transfer between two physical media.

2. Pause and resume your file transfer. A very important feature to free up system resource and you can resume your copy/transfer with just a click of your mouse.

3. Error recovery: In case of any copy error, TERACOPY will try several times to copy,and in the worst case Terracopy just skips that file and continue copying instead of terminating the entire process.

4.Interactive file list: The best part is TERACOPY shows you the list of failed file transfers and lets you fix the problem and re copy only those problem files.

5. Shell integration: Terracopy completely replaces the Explorer copy and move functions allowing you to work with files as usual. A great feature to transfer files faster from right click context menu.


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  1. Nice blog and thank you for sharing. Terracopy seems to be a very handy software, i have already downloaded and using, as explained it works and thanks for the link.I will be following your blog.

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