How To Uninstall Hyper Cache | Word press Plugin

How To Uninstall Hyper Cache | Word press Plugin

How to uninstall Hyper cache, word press plugin from word press site. Hyper cache is a word press cache plugin. Unlike the big guns like W3 total cache and WP super cache Hyper cache is a very simple, easy to install,configure and easy to un-install.


Hyper Cache is purely PHP and works on every blog: no complex configurations are needed


Hyper cache plugin enables bloggers, specially for those who host their WordPress sites on inexpensive, low capacity servers (cpu and mysql).

If you have installed Hyper cache on your site and want to uninstall Hyper cache to install other cache plugin. Than follow these simple steps  how to uninstall Hyper Cache, from your site completely. 

 HOW TO UNinstall Hyper Cache:
How To Uninstall Hyper Cache

Step 1: Log on to your word press dashboard. On the left side click on the “Plugin” menu. This will display all the plugins installed on your site.

Step 2: Scroll down on this list and select it by putting a check mark on the box next to the Hyper Cache plugin name. Now click on deactivate.

Step 3: Once deactivated the delete option will be visible. Just click on the “Delete” button. Word press will ask for confirmation, just click on “yes delete these files”. Now log out of your word press dashboard.

Step 4: Now log on to your cPanel it will be like ( log on with your credentials. On the cPanel dashboard click on “Files and folders”

Step 5: In the cPanel dashboard on the left side menu click on the plus(+) sign of public_html than click on the plus sign under “Wp-Content” folder.

This folder contains everything about your site.Under wp-content folder search and click on the plus sign under Plugin folder, which will show all your installed plugins.

Step 6: Most of the time Hyper cache folder gets deleted, but if you find a folder “Hyper cache” than delete that folder.

Step 7: Now scroll up and under the “wp-content folder” you will see a folder named as “Cache”. Click on the (+) sign, this will expand, there will be a Hyper-cache folder(as shown in the image), delete that too.

Now Log out of your cPanel and use your site as normally you would or install a different cache plugin if you wish to.


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