How To Upgrade Wireless Router Firmware

How To Upgrade Wireless Router Firmware


How to upgrade Wireless Router Firmware, For Maximum reliability and Performance


Upgrade Wireless Router Firmware

All Routers contains a built-in programmable logic called as Firmware. This firmware is a type of software written for a specific model of hardware device. That implements network and security protocols for that specific model.

Every router wired or wireless comes to you with a tested version of Firmware. However most routers are designed to support Firmware upgrade. These are released by the manufacturer from time to time. For maximum reliability and stability of the Router for example boosting the strength of wireless signal. Every new version of firmware upgrades, provides better stability and new features for the router. Visit the manufacturer site for details. You can skip the update if the new version doesn’t provide any interesting features.

Why do you need to Upgrade Wireless Router Firmware ?

 If your router is performing sluggishly, freezing unexpectedly or you experience sudden dropped connections. In such a scenario, most often a firmware upgrade offers a quick fix.

How to Upgrade Wireless Router Firmware:

First visit the manufacturer website and download the latest firmware file. Save it in your computer. Remember to download the correct  firmware matching with your router model number (refer to your router’s manual).

Now connect with the routers administrative console. Normally the routers address is or something like that (check your routers manual for your router). Type the address on your browsers address bar. This will open routers login window. By default the the admin and password is “admin” and “1234” respectively(check routers manual).
Upgrade Wireless Router Firmware

The Image shown here is my “Edimax” router. The router console interface could be slightly different but basically similar.

Once connected with the router, go to “status” menu. There your current firmware version will displayed as “Runtime Code Version”. Note that number down. If the new firmware version is higher than the present one, you can proceed to upgrade wireless router firmware.

Next click on the “tools” menu. Under tools menu select the “Firmware upgrade” button and click on next button.

You will be presented with the option to choose the file (downloaded firmware). Which you have downloaded earlier. Browse to that folder and select it. The file will be loaded, now click on apply button. Your routers firmware will be upgraded. Once upgrading process is completed the router will be restarted and you can use the router normally. To confirm the upgrade wireless router firmware is successful, you can check the “Run time code version” under status as stated above.

That’s how you can Upgrade wireless router firmware, for maximum stability and performance.


The Router will stop functioning if the upgrade fails to complete. For this reason never upgrade wireless router firmware, wirelessly. Upgrade through a Ethernet cable connecting the router directly to your computer, to ensure maximum stability during the upgrade. Do consult your routers documentation for any special instructions, specific to your router.

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