How to Use Software After Trial Period

use software after Trial period

How to use software after Trial period is Over? There are many makers who allows you to use their product (the full version) for a specific period (mostly a month). Allowing you to evaluate their product. This period is the Trial period. After the trial period is over, the product (here we are referring to a software) stops working.

If you are using any trial software, but can not afford to buy. Here is a small tool with which you can use the software again and again, even after the trial period is over.

How about using a software after trial period, is over? again and again…

There are simple as well as tricky ways to use software after trial period. There are special software’s to monitor the installation process of the trial software. These tools tracks the modifications done by the Software’s installation, to modify later.

On the other hand you can just uninstall and re-install the software again. Clean the registry, to remove all entries made by the software. Than re-install the software (not a good idea) cause most of the time it does not work

But here is a  very good program which monitors a trial software installation. And allows you to do date alterations so that you can use software after trial period again and again.

TIME STOPPER is such a utility , a very small program. This tool can effectively eliminate the time limit of a Trial software usage period. This allows you to use software after trial period.

This tiny software works with any software executable file (.exe). It can extend the trial period time of the program for an unlimited amount of time.

use software after trial period


Use Software After Trial Period

Time stopper is easy to install and use.You just have to start the program and browse for the executable file of the trial ware which is usually located at (C: program files).

Once Time stopper loads the executable file, just select a new installation date and your program Trial period automatically gets extended to another 30 or 90 days (depending on the Trial ware time limit).

This way you can use software after trial period, forever.

The Best part is, this software Time stopper will not modify the time and date of the operating system, so its safe to use.

Please Note: Time Stopper will stop the trial time when it is used. If the trial period has already ended, it is of no use to use Time Stopper as it will not be able to reverse the time.

Some FAQs from the makers of this utility:

Will it be harmful my system?

No. When you stop the time of a trial version using this Time Stopper, it will change trial date according to your desire. Real time & date run normally on your system. It will never harm to your system.

How many try-out versions can I use same time?

You can use any number of try-out version software

Can I use it with plug-ins?

No. It’s only for exe. we will try to develop with future version for plug-in.

Download the Latest version of Time Stopper.

NOTE: This post is for educational purpose only. If you are using a Trial ware and you like it please buy the software and support the maker’s of the software.