How To View Live CCTV Footage On PC

Live CCTV Footage On PC

How to view live CCTV footage on your PC or Laptop. If you have installed CCTV surveillance cameras in your home,, here’s how you can view CCTV live on your PC or laptop from any where.

Its very simple to watch your home or office CCTV camera stream via laptop or PC. This can be done  via a web browser like I.E or Google Chrome. Preferably in Google chrome browser, because of ActiveX issues with I.E (Internet explorer).

But before proceeding further, you may want to read this post first, What is Chrome flags /# enable NPAPI? How To Fix It.  and come back, for the rest of this article. The above post explains what needs to be installed in Google Chrome to enable you to view live CCTV footage on PC / Laptop.

Well, Now that you have read the above post, I assume you have already installed the IE tab plugin in chrome. We are now set to go, to view live CCTV footage on PC.

1st Step: Your DVR must be connected to Internet, preferably with a LAN cable from your home Router.All DVR has a LAN port to connect.
Switch on your CCTV DVR ( Steps explained here is for CP Plus CCTV DVR) but should work for any brand.

2nd Step: On the CCTV camera view monitor, right click – click on main menu – and log on to DVR settings page.

Live CCTV Footage On PC

3rd Step: In the main menu – under settings- click on Network.

Live CCTV Footage On PC

4th. Step: In the Network menu Click on TCP/IP on the left column. On the right under TCP/IP, click the radio button DHCP. You will observe all numbers under IP address, subnet mask, default gateway will become zero. Something like Just click on apply than save and log out/sign out of the main menu.

Live CCTV Footage On PC

5th. Step: Re-login to DVR, as before –click on main menu – than settings – Network. Now you will see all settings under IP address, subnet mask, default gateway has been populated.

Live CCTV Footage On PC

6th. Step: This is the most Important step: Note down the IP address. it will be something like as in the image above. This is your DVR’s IP address, with which you will connect from your laptop or PC.

7th. Step: Now click on the radio button (under TCP/IP menu) to enable STATIC, this will disable DHCP which we enabled earlier. This is to keep your DVR IP address static, so that it does not change every time the DVR reboots.Click on apply than save settings and logout.

8th. Step: We are almost done. Lastly under settings – Network menu – at the bottom click on “InstaOn Cloud”. On this page put a check mark to Enable InstaOn cloud. Make sure the status shows ONLINE. See the image below. Save and log out.

Now your DVR is all set and you can view live CCTV footage on PC.

In your PC or Laptop, open Google chrome browser. In the address bar type the DVR IP address (noted earlier in 6th step). Press enter. Chrome will display the following message.

Live CCTV Footage On PC

Now just click on the IE Tab plugin icon on the top right, Chrome will refresh to display the login page. Here enter your user name and password (same as the DVR). Choose TCP and Click on the LAN button – than login tab.

Live CCTV Footage On PC

All cameras will load. On the left it will display all the cameras installed. You won’t see any live feed from the CCTV as of now.
Live CCTV Footage On PC

Just click on the “Open all” at the bottom of the left column. You will start to view live CCTV footage on your PC or Laptop Live.

Live CCTV Footage On PC

All menus will work exactly same as in the CCTV monitor screen. You can view recorded footage, take snapshots, download CCTV footage, just about everything.

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