Increase The Range Of Wireless Router With Second Router

Increase The Range Of Wireless Router With Second Router

If you have established a local area network at home for sharing Internet connection. A single wireless router may not reach certain areas of your home. Walls and various obstructions like a book shelf, may interfere with the wireless signal.

You can easily increase the range of wireless router network with a repeater or a wireless access points. But there is a very simple way to increase the range of wireless router (your existing router) with a second router. So that every room and corner of your house is covered.


For the sake of understanding, lets name the main Router as ROUTER-1 (this is the one which is connected to your ISP or Modem). The second router as ROUTER –2 (this is the router which we will connect to increase the range of wireless router 1).


                  First we have to know the IP address , Subnet Mask of Router – 1. (our existing router). For this open command prompt and type “ ipconfig /all”. Note down the first “Default Gateway” value and Subnet mask value. Here’s how to find the IP address of a router.

As an example lets assume your Router – 1 , default gateway (its IP address) is and the Subnet Mask is
Increase The Range Of Wireless Router

STEP 2: Now open your web browser and type the Router – 1 IP address in the address bar, in this case and press enter. If you are using IE, add http://, or IE may show error. This will prompt you for a username name and password to access the routers settings. This will vary from router to router, please read the router documentation. In most case it could be Admin and password or Admin and admin or Admin and password blank (no password)

STEP 3: Once you are in the routers settings, go to wireless settings and take note of the following
1. Wireless mode.
2. The SSID.
3. The Channel

If you have secured your wi-fi with a password, than note down the security mode used, whether WPA, WEP or WPA2. And also your secret pass phrase. Once you have noted down these close the browser. This is all we need to know now.


If it’s a new router, you can proceed to the next step. If it’s a old used router, you will want to reset the router to its factory default. Here’s how to reset Router to factory default.

Now connect the ROUTER – 2 to your computer with a Ethernet cable. Power on the router connect the router with any one of the LAN ports to the computer’ Ethernet port.

Open the web browser and type – this should be the default IP address of your Router – 2. You may also try (default for D-Link and Netgear router). You may also Google to find the IP address of your router from the makers site.

In the Router settings, you will need to change the following – Wireless mood, the channel, Security mood and also the passphrase so that it matches with your ROUTER – 1. You may change the SSID so you can differentiate between the two router.

In ROUTER – 2, settings under Advanced routing change the mood to “Router”. Security mood to match Router -1. Disable DHCP server (Router – 1 will handle the task of assigning IP addresses)

FINAL STEP: Now change the IP address of ROUTER – 2 with any free IP address within your local area network. For example if the IP address of ROUTER-1 is, than you can safely assign to ROUTER – 2. Most important make sure that the subnet mask is same as we noted down earlier in step –1. Save all settings and exit.


Our configurations of the two routers is now complete. Now place the second ROUTER-2 at a place where you want to. We have to connect these two physically with a CAT-5 LAN Ethernet cable.

ROUTER – 1, should have 1+4 ports. The WAN port and 4 LAN ports. The WAN port should be connected with your ISP or the Modem. Now with the Ethernet cable connect any LAN port or ROUTER-1 to any LAN port of ROUTER-2. Remember the WAN port of ROUTER – 2 remains free.
Here is a diagram to show the connections of the two Router.
Increase The Range Of Wireless Router

                                            Click on the Image For A larger Image

Now power on both the routers and connect your computer or mobile to the second router via Wi-Fi or a LAN cable. Since three LAN ports are still free to use.
That’s how you can increase the Range of Wireless router with a second router. And get wireless signal in every corner of your house.

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