Fix : Internet connection randomly disconnects and reconnects

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For a week or so I have been observing that my Internet connection randomly disconnects and reconnects. I use a 3G data card connected to my laptop via a USB hub. At first I thought it could be due to the hub. So I connected the data card directly to my laptop USB port. But the problem remained.

While just surfing the net, this didn’t pose much of a problem. But it was a big problem, specially when I do some online transaction.  As this caused me to be logged out of my account, in the middle of transaction.

If you have faced this , try this two Tips to solve this random internet disconnection. 


If you are directly connected to the source, that is data card or a LAN cable. Than the best thing to do is to uninstall and reinstall your network adapter driver from device manager. In most cases this solves the issue of internet connection randomly disconnecting and reconnecting.

To uninstall the network adapter card driver, follow these steps.

But before that, visit the makers site and download the latest version of the driver for your network adapter card.

1. Click on Start button, type devmgmt.msc and press enter.

2. This will bring up the Device manager windows.

3. Locate your network adapter device in the device manager.

4. Right click on the network device and select uninstall

5. Also place a check mark beside the option “delete driver files for the device” than click ok.

Once the device driver is uninstalled. Re-install the network adapter driver which you have downloaded earlier. Re start windows, connect to internet. The problem of random internet disconnection should be gone.


While the above solution will work in most cases. But if you connect to the net via a wireless router. And the problem persists, you will need to Upgrade wireless router firmware.

If your router is performing sluggishly, freezing unexpectedly or you experience sudden dropped connections. In such a scenario, most often a firmware upgrade offers a quick fix.

Updating your routers firmware will solve this problem of internet connection random disconnections

We have a detail post on How to upgrade a wireless Router firmware.    

In some cases Hard resetting a Router to Factory default solves this problem. Here’s how to hard reset a router using the 30-30-30 method.


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