Keyboard shortcuts Everyone Should Know

Keyboard shortcuts Everyone Should Know

Keyboard shortcuts

How long have you been using a computer ? How many keyboard shortcuts do you know and use everyday? You might ask, what’s the point ! well think again. Using keyboard shortcuts can greatly increase your productivity and reduce repetitive strains. Just for an example, think of this situation, just highlighting a text and pressing the Ctrl+C to copy is much shorter than high lighting the text, than right click on the highlighted text and from the context menu select the copy option with the mouse. There are literally hundreds of keyboard shortcuts (combinations) which can make your daily computing tasks much easier and faster. Below is a list of most commonly used keyboard shortcuts, I feel everyone should know.

1. Ctrl + C or Ctrl + Insert :To Copy the highlighted text or Selected Items.

2. Ctrl + V or Shift + Insert : To Paste the copied text or the object

3. Ctrl + Z and Ctrl + Y: To undo the last performed task (one step) for example if you have used the Ctrl + V to paste the copied text you can undo it by pressing Ctrl + Z. Ctrl + Y is just the opposite that is to redo the undo.

4. Ctrl + Alt + Z : Very useful keyboard shortcuts, this is similar to Ctrl +z but with this you can Undo several steps sequentially one step at a time (backwards) This keyboard shortcuts combination is very handy in Photoshop, for example if you have applied some effects, than you can undo each effects one by one by pressing Ctrl + Alt button and tapping the Z key on the keyboard to undo one step at a time.

5. Ctrl + F : This combination can be used to open the Find dialogue in any program.Particularly helpful when you want to find a registry key under regedit.

In Photoshop, this keyboard shortcut can be used to apply the last applied effect several times without going through the Filter menu again. For example If you want to apply the wind effect (normally we may need to apply this effect several times) you can just press the Ctrl button on the keyboard and tap the F button as many times you want to apply the effect

6. Alt + Tab or Alt + Esc:  This combination is used to quickly switch between open programs.

      TIP: Press Ctrl + Tab to switch between tabs in a program. You can add the Shift key with the above combination to move backswords, for example Shift + Alt + Tab or Ctrl + Tab to move backwards.

7.  Ctrl + Backspace and Ctrl + Left or Right arrow:  In word Ctrl + Backspace will delete a full word instead of just one character.

In word document if you want to move quickly hold the Ctrl + tap the right or the left arrow which will move the curser one word at a time. If you want to highlight one word at a time just hold Shift + Ctrl and than press the right or the left arrow to move and highlight one word at a time.

8. Ctrl + S : This is a very common and a probably one of the most important keyboard shortcuts. You guessed it yes, this combination saves your work on what ever you are working on. This is specially important when working on any word document, make it a habit to press Ctrl + S from time to time to save your document.

9. Ctrl + Home or Ctrl + End : To move the curser to the beginning or end of a document.

10: Page up, Space bar, Page down : Pressing the page up or the page down key will move the page one page up or down respectively. When browsing the net pressing the spacebar will move the page down one page at a time. If  you press the Shift and the spacebar when browsing it will move one  page up at a time.

11. Shift + Right or the Left arrow : This  keyboard shortcut is useful in word for selecting one character after another in a controlled manner.For example if you have to select two words which are not in the same line or just a part of a word, you can hold the shift button and press the right or the left arrow (Tap it) to select one character at a time, instead of left clicking the mouse and dragging which selects the whole line.

12. Ctrl + A : This is probably most used keyboard shortcuts. Used for selecting everything on any open document.

13. Ctrl + X : It acts like Ctrl + A, but cuts the selected text or object from the original location and can be pasted on a new location (Ctrl + V).

14. Shift + Delete: This combination of keyboard shortcuts is used to delete anything bypassing the the re-cycle bin. Normally when we delete anything from our PC it doesn’t get deleted but is kept in the recycle bin and gets permanently deleted once you empty the recycle bin. With this keyboard combination you can delete a file or object directly.

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