Laptop Optical Drive Does not Read Disk

Laptop Optical Drive Does not Read Disk


We tend to bother less or even neglect Optical drives (CD/DVD drives). Optical drives in Desktops are easy to replace if these malfunctions, but not so with Laptop optical drive. We need these optical drives to install windows, drivers, almost everything that comes on a disc.

If we don’t take proper care, specially laptop optical drive will give problem, when we need them most.  The most common problem a Laptop optical drive may give are:

                                    Laptop Optical Drive Does not Read Disk

1. It doesn’t read most disks.

2. Usually shows most disks as blank disks.

3. When it does read a disk, it stops reading after a few minutes.

4. You need to eject and reinsert the disk several times

If you face such problems with Laptop optical drive, the most common issues could be, either the laptop optical drive is failing or the lens is dirty.


Try using a CD/DVD lens cleaner. In most cases cleaning the optical drive lens, solves many problems and starts functioning normally.

If you do not have a lens cleaner, alternatively you can use an Ear bud, moisten it with a little “Isopropyl Alcohol” and gently clean the Lens. Wait for a few minutes to let it dry completely, than check if it works or not.

If the above two methods fail, than probably the Lens is misaligned, weak or dead. A misaligned lens can be corrected, but you will have to take it to the service center. If the optical drive lens is weak or dead, there is no option but to replace the laptop optical drive or opt for an external USB optical drive.

Proper care of your Laptop and timely cleaning the Laptop optical drive with a lens cleaner, will ensure that you can use all the hardware for its life span.

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