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Ben Jamir is the Founder and Author of Tipsnfreeware. He is a part time Blogger, sharing his experience and giving a Helping hand to Home users. You will find here the best Windows Tips,Tricks and quality Freeware.

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  1. Rahul says:

    I have added related posted like you added and increased number of posts. Now its showing me 20 related posts per page.

    I saw in my label page, i can also see 20 post per label then i have added “expr:href=’data:label.url + “?max-results=5″ as you mentioned in the above post.

    Now, if i open any label, i can see 50 results, but in the related post, it is still showing 20 related post.

    I need your help. I spent more than one day but dint do anything… Help me.

    • Ben Jamir says:

      Hello Rahul !! Have you properly categorized your posts ? as explained in this POST. Besides in your blogger dashboard you need to specify how many posts to be displayed per page. Hope it helps. It worked fine with me, when I had my blog at blogspot.

  2. Rahul says:

    Please check my site, I have used the code but nothing happened. I have done in dashboard as well.

    • Ben Jamir says:

      Well RAHUL, there seems to be a little confusion here. I have checked your site, it seem to be working quite well, all your menus, and sub menus are working perfect. What I observed is the related posts which are a bit too many 15 I counted, if that’s what you mean than I guess, you followed the wrong article. It seems you are site is on Blooger, if so read this POST for the best related widget, or if you are on Word press platform than read this POST for the best WP related post plugin. Hope this should work for you.
      By the way with these widget/plugin you can specify how many related post to be displayed at the end of your Post.

  3. Kramer says:

    My main page does has a maximum of 8 post, but then when I reach page two i only shows 4 post. How do I set it also to 8? Also having problems implementing this. I replaced it but still no changes to the number of post per label

  4. rehan says:

    hey bro kindly help me out
    i unable to show ur post on one page only showing 2 or 3 post shoowing per page kindly chk my blog and help me
    i used every trick and also changed the templates but nothing happened
    plz help help help

    • Ben Jamir says:

      Hello Rehan ! sorry but I could not understand what you are asking for. Visited your site. If you are asking to increase the number of posts to be shown in the first page, that you can do from your blogger dashboard and from there choose how many posts you would like to show per page.
      well thats what I guessed from your question.Hope i’m not wrong.