MAXTHON For Mac The Best Browser For Mac OS X

MAXTHON For Mac The Best Browser For Mac OS X


MAXTHON web browser application, a user friendly browser for Mac OS X. Designed to help you sync your preferences to all your devices, by using the Cloud.
            maxthon for mac
The Maxthon for Mac is just another browser in the collection of popular web browsers. However noteworthy is that you can sync your preferences to various devices by using the Maxthon Cloud.

User friendly web browser that offers support for most common capabilities.

Using the Maxthon app is quite easy because the app follows the design pattern that you usually expects from a web browser. Besides, you can use multiple tabs, you can browse your history, add bookmarks, integrate extensions, and so on.

You can take the advantage of the syncing capabilities. For this  you will need to first register for a Maxthon Passport account (free of charge). After logging on to your account, the app will automatically sync your settings to the Cloud. So the next time you login, even if from a different device, the adjustments will be applied automatically.

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Control your browser by using track pad gestures, extend its capabilities by installing extensions
Maxthon for Mac integrates features designed to streamline your browsing. You can drag and drop links or text selections on top of the address bar to navigate to that page or do online searches. You can close / reopen / refresh tabs by using trackpad gestures, and you can push data to the cloud for easy access.

In addition, you can install extensions featuring specific capabilities, or skins for changing the browser’s theme. Most importantly Maxthon encrypts the user information in order to make sure your privacy is protected.

Maxthon for Mac A web browser featuring both basic and complex capabilities
If you are looking for a Browser alternative to Safari, the default OS X web browser, Maxthon for Mac is the best option. Maxthon has a collection of features that might come in handy. Like you can sync your settings to the Cloud, you can navigate websites by using gestures, and you can watch Flash videos without having to install an additional plug-in, and much more.

You can Download the Latest version of MAXTHON FOR MAC OS X