Microsoft Word Tricks You didnt Know

Microsoft Word Tricks You didnt Know

microsoft word tricks

It turns out that Microsoft Word 2007, has some tricks, which can come in handy. Which many users of Word may not even have thought it exists. Can’t call it as Easter Eggs, because its been  already been documented. But these are  some FUN Microsoft word tricks which sometimes does come in handy. And if you are one of those who uses Word regularly, you will find these tricks useful.


Trick 1: You must have seen many a times the writing “Lorem Ipsum………” in many web pages, how do you produce that on a word document instantly ?

open a new document and just type =lorem()  in your document and press enter, three lines of Lorem Ipsum…… is inserted automatically on your document. If you want you want more paragraphs than just type

=lorem(paragraphs,sentences), for instance for 5 paragraphs of 30 sentences each you could type

=lorem(5,30) as shown in below image.In

                     microsoft word tricks

Trick 2: If you want to reproduce the old trick “ The quick brown fox jumped over the….”

type =rand.old() and press enter.
microsoft word tricks

Trick 3: If you want some random text on your document than type

=rand() and than press enter. see what your documents displays.

  • Trick 4:
  •           Type : *** than press enter to get square dots extending the width of your document.

          Type: ### than press enter, you will get a thick line in the center with two thin lines.

          Type: === than press enter you will get two thin lines across your document.

          Type: ~~~ than press enter you will get wavy line across your document.

                                                         See below Image

                microsoft word tricks

What’s the purpose of this ????

If you are in the teaching profession, and need to demonstrate, paragraph formatting, or place sentences in columns, or how to continue on subsequent pages etc. Generating random text instantly is a great aid and time saving instead of you typing all those by yourself. If you are teaching kids about MS word, sometimes you may need few paragraphs of text to show them how to format, this trick will save you a lot of time to produce random text instantly, instead of typing all that text by yourself.

Yah, forgot to include, For Bloggers, its very handy for demonstration purpose.


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