Most useful Custom CSS Code For WordPress

Custom CSS Code

Today I would like to share some most useful custom CSS codes for a wordpress Blog.

Let me be blunt and frank, no theme is perfect, as every web designer / blogger has his or her own taste.

You may be using a free or a paid theme, you would still like to change the look of the theme. Something like the color of the link, remove the tags, remove the date etc.

I am not a coder nor do I know anything about CSS or PHP all those staff. But after blogging for more than a couple of years, I have learned quite a few custom CSS codes, that really helped me to design my site as wanted it to be.

Question ! where to write the Custom CSS Code ?

Obviously a very basic and important question. Many themes comes with the custom CSS option. But likewise many themes do not have that option. If your theme doesn’t have the custom CSS option, we have a post about the most useful Custom CSS plugin for wordpress. Download and install this plugin.

Here are some of the most useful custom CSS Code, I was talking about. Just add these codes on the Custom CSS plugin

1: How to remove the yellow background displayed just before Google AdSense appears. Use this Custom CSS code.

.entry .adsbygoogle {
background: #fff;
a {
text-decoration: none;

2: Change the font color of post excerpts description. Add this custom CSS code.

.entry { color: #111111; }
.entry.excerpt { color: #111111; }

( you can choose whatever color you want just replace the color code)

3: To remove the post byline that displays author name, published date etc.

.post-byline {
display: none;

4: Change the padding gap between your content and sidebar widget.

.sidebar .widget {
padding:30px 10px 20px;

( change the padding figures as per your liking, it must be in pixels)

5: Change the Link color in your post:

a:link {
color: #317dbf;


6:Change the Post thumbnail size:

.post-thumbnail img {
a img {
transition:opacity 0.2s ease;

img {

img {

7: Remove the post published date from the theme:

.published-date {

.post-date {

8: Remove the post tags, that most themes displays and there is no option to disable.

.post-tags {

9: Remove the date from comments: very useful .if you are removing the post published date

#comments .commentlist .comment-meta {
display: none;

10: Change the color of site title

.site-title a {

11: Change the color of side bar widget description

.widget, .widget a {

As I said I’m no coder. I learned during my journey as a blogger. I will update, as and when something needs to be changed, and I learn something. I’m sure many word press blogger will find these custom CSS code very useful

Note: All color codes and sizes mentioned here are my own. You may copy or use your own color codes.



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