My Computer Suddenly Turns Off Completely : Troubleshoot

My Computer Suddenly Turns Off Completely : Troubleshoot


This is a very common problem, which many users must have experienced. In the middle of your work, you find your computer suddenly turns off completely, without any warning signs.

                                            Computer Suddenly Turns Off Completely

This situation is very troublesome and a big headache. Specially if you have been working on some important projects. Because you lose all your unsaved work. Unless you have set the program (what ever you were using) to auto save at specific time interval.


Possibilities: The Main reasons for system suddenly turning off on its own can be due to

1.The Processor overheating.

2. Power supply Unit faulty

3.Motherboard chipset overheating

1: Processor overheating:

                                                Computer Suddenly Turns Off Completely

Most of the time Processor overheating is the main cause when a computer suddenly turns off completely. This is a way to protect the Processor from getting permanently damaged.

To confirm and troubleshoot: Check the Processor fan if its running smoothly or not. Dust is the main cause which may accumulate and overtime clog the CPU fan bearings. Feel the heat of the processor heat sink to know if the temperature is too high. If the CPU fan is noisy or does not rotate freely, change it. There is no substitute for that.

The temperature can rise uncontrollably for want of proper airflow for sufficient cooling. Make sure that the processor fan is spinning properly and the heat sink is not clogged with dust. Remove the Fan and the heat sink and clean them thoroughly. Than Apply a fresh coat of heat sink paste between the processor and the heat sink. Than clamp the fan and the heat sink assembly properly on the processor. Make sure that there is no play (gap) between the heat sink and the processor. Now check your system, if the problem still persists, go for the next step to troubleshoot.

Power Supply Unit Faulty:

Many Home users tend to ignore this very important component of a CPU. A faulty SMPS may completely fry your whole system, and you don’t want that. A faulty SMPS could be the root cause of a Computer not starting at all or a Computer suddenly turns off completely. Since there is no user serviceable parts inside. Best thing would be to check with a new power supply unit. If it solves the problem fine, if the problem still persists than you should troubleshoot further.

Mother board Chipset Overheating:

Improper ventilation of CPU cabinet can cause heat to rise  inside thereby overheating  mother board chipset. Check all your CPU cabinet fans, if they are spinning properly or not. You must have at least two inlet fans to draw in cool air and one outlet which acts as an exhaust fan. Replace any faulty cabinet fan.

Also check your system for viruses.Viruses can also be a cause for system reboots and erratic shutdowns.

If all else fails, you will need to take it to a service center. But don’t get frustrated, you done your part of troubleshooting at home. And let me assure you on most of the case, these are the main cause if a computer suddenly turns off completely.

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