Best Related Post Widget for Blogger Blog

The Best Related Post Widget for Blogger Blog :LINKWITHIN

I have found Related Post Widget From Linkwithin, as on of the best Related post widget for blogger Blog. Related post widget is a must for you.Related post widget is very important for any Blog, why because it increases the number of page views, and also helps your blog visitors to easily find your other related popular articles, instead of searching the archives. Related posts are usually displayed at the end of the post, making it easier for a reader to browse your other related articles

Convert your Photos to Sketches easily

How to Convert Your Photos to Sketches, Easily

Turn your digital photos into pencil sketches in seconds. Photo to sketch is the fastest and easiest way to transform your pictures into beautiful sketches.The program includes dozens of drawing styles to apply, which are easily customizable by using sliders.

PHOTO TO SKETCH is the answer for you to easily convert photos to sketches.

This is a very small program, fast and very easy to use. You can convert photos to sketches, with just a few clicks.

Its really quite interesting to see the program rendering your photos, differently as per the settings you choose. You just have to import your photo, adjust the settings and click to render. Your photos are turned in to sketch. Perfect way convert photos to sketches quickly and easily.

photos to sketches The interface is too simple and straight forward.From the file menu open your photo, which will be displayed in the preview window as above.

Alternatively you can use the “Add” button in the lower section of the window.You can use the default settings and just click on the “Sketch effect” box and your photo will be instantly converted to Pen sketch (that’s the default) and the result will be like this.

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How to Check your Hard Disk for Bad sectors and Problems

How to Check your Hard Disk for Bad sectors and Problems. How to check your hard disk for bad sectors, and problems ? Computer hardware has a maximum life time of 5 years, depending on usage pattern. Hard disk is the most active component of a computer, spinning all the time with constant read write … Read moreHow to Check your Hard Disk for Bad sectors and Problems

How to convert 1GB memory card to 2GB

How to convert 1GB memory card to 2GB       How to convert 1GB memory card to 2GB for FREE with Software

Here is trick or solution, I would like to share with you, with which you can convert your 1GB memory card to 2GB. with a free software.Sounds impossible?

Just follow this instruction to upgrade your card. After completing this procedure you will be amazed to see that your 1GB memory card is now capable of storing 2GB worth of Data.

I am not telling you, let your Computer show you that. But before we proceed , I have to tell you this software works for only 1GB memory card, so make sure that you insert a 1GB memory card.
  1. First Insert your Memory card to your PC
  2. If you have any data, than back it up keep it safe in a folder in your PC
  3. Format your Memory card.
  4. Download this software SKYMEDI and install on your Computer.
  5. After Installation the application will launch itself automatically, and will show a window with the following two options “Fix” and “Cancel” as shown below.From the drop down menu of this window browse and locate your memory card.

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