How To Setup Wireless Network To Share Internet Connection

 How to setup wireless network to share internet connection. Ad-Hoc wireless to share internet connection between computers. How to set-up wireless network to share internet connection, between Computers in windows 7 and other devices to Share Internet Connection.  Ad hoc wireless connection between computers and devices can be established without a router. With this Tip You can set … Read moreHow To Setup Wireless Network To Share Internet Connection

Windows 7 Tips and Tricks


Windows 7 Tips and Tricks

Windows 7 Tips & Tricks you didn’t Know. Hidden Windows 7 tips.                                                      


1.Use Hidden Windows themes and wallpaper

Windows Desktop welcomes you first the moment we boot our computer. You definitely would like to dress up your desktop according to your taste.
Majority of us when we install windows 7 we choose to install English (United States) for your time and currency format, so by default wall paper and themes relating to that particular country (USA mostly for English speaking countries) gets installed.
Hidden, though,there are background pictures and themes from other English-speaking countries like Australia, Canada, Great Britain and South Africa. Normally, you can’t  access those wallpaper or themes, but its there, so here is a simple command which can reveal those themes and can be used.And let me tell you some country themes are really good, specially the MCT-ZA south Africa theme
1. In the search box in the Start menu, type C:\Windows\Globalization\MCT and press Enter. (Note: Assuming you have installed windows 7 in your C: partition if not change the drive letter accordingly)

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How to Submit Blogger sitemap to Google Webmaster

  How to submit blogger sitemap to google webmaster. sitemap is very Important, which most Bloggers Ignores or just forgets.Submitting site map to search Engine is actually very easy. Submitting sitemap is to inform the search engines to crawl and to index all your blog pages. So that it can discover every pages from links within the site, … Read moreHow to Submit Blogger sitemap to Google Webmaster

How to Display Your Profile Picture in Google Search Result

How to Display Your Profile Picture in Google Search Result. Follow this tip

(Updated as of now Google has stopped displaying Author profile picture in SERP. However if Google ever changes their mind….who knows)

You must have seen those cool profile pictures of the author that come up in certain google search results.These profile pictures are usually shown either before or next to the articles, and really looks great and authentic.Showing your profile pictures on your published articles makes it more authentic and proves authorship,very vital.

How to Display Your Profile Picture in Google Search Result

See above, that’s the search result of one of my articles,see how it makes the listing stand out.It looks more professional and the click through rate on everything is higher with images, since the page looks more authentic.

This is a part of Google’s new authorship program, which I think is very professional and will certainly have a great impact on future page search and overall ranking (SERP)

If you are a Blogger or author of a website, you would definitely like to implement this or do you? Here I will show you how to do it. Many author’s have their own version,some work, some don’t, some are just too confusing. Finally I came across this simple method of how to get your profile picture shown in google search results, and this really works. 

So how do you do it? This tip for the Blogger Blogs (Blogspot) 

To make you understand better I am dividing this tutorial in to following steps ,please follow them carefully and you will be fine. I’m afraid its going to be a bit lengthy post but you wont regret.

  1. Create a Google+ profile first.
  2. Replace your Blogger profile with Google+ profile you created.
  3. Create a About me/us page on your Blog/web page
  4. Add a link in your about me page to Google+ profile.
  5. Link all your blog post pages to your about me page.
  6. Add Google + profile link inside your template.
  7. Test your settings.

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Best free CD-DVD Burning Software

CD burner XP pro


Free CD-DVD Burning Software.

NERO is still one of the best software  for CD / DVD burning purposes. But this software is expensive and bulky too, comes with lots of programs which you will probably never use.

If you only need to burn a data CD/DVD or a Music ,Video Disk. Why not try some freeware burning apps to burn all your CD /DVD. Which can well serve as an excellent alternative to Nero burning ROM.
Here are a list of TOP FREE CD-DVD burning software for you to choose.

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