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                  PST Merge

PST Merge is an efficient utility in the data recovery domain which provides a simplified platform to join and merge PST files with ease in one go.

PST Merge Software allows you to efficiently join and merge multiple PST files in ANSI or UNICODE format into a single large UNICODE Outlook PST file.

Let’s take a quick glance at the specifications offered by the software.

Specification Analysis:


MS Outlook Tools
FunctionsMerges Multiple PST files into a single Unicode PST file
Current version and size3.2 , 7.6 MB
Hard Disk space required15 MB of free hard disk space
InterfaceGraphical User Interface
Windows version SupportedWindows 8.1 and all below versions
MS Outlook version supported MS Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013

Versions of PST Merge Available For Download:

The performance of the software can only be measured by downloading the PST Merge and allowing it to run on the system.

Demo Version:

You can evaluate the software for its authenticity by downloading the Demo version available for free. However, the Demo version of the software exhibits certain limitations.

•    Join PST limitation: joins the first 2 folders of each PST file.

•    Merge PST limitation: merges only first 15 items of each folder of PST file.

•    Merge Contacts limitation: merges only first 15 contacts of each folder of PST file.
Licensed Version:

In order to overcome the limitations of the Demo version of PST Merge. The Licensed version of the software has complete feature set offered by the PST Merge software.

Pre-Requisites for Installation:

Support: Windows 8.1 and all below versions.
Processor: 1 GHz processor
RAM: 512 MB of RAM
Hard disk space: 15 MB free hard disk space
In case of using Win 8.1/ 8/ 7/ Vista, launch the tool as ‘Run as Administrator’.
Options Available To Merge PST Files:
The PST Merge Software provides three major options to merge multiple MS Outlook PST files together, namely:
Join multiple PST files:

The PST Merge Software allows you to join one or more Outlook PST files into a single Unicode PST file and create a new folder for each resultant merged Outlook PST.
PST Merge

Merge multiple PST files:
The software facilitates merging of similar folders from multiple PST files into a single Unicode PST file and simultaneously remove duplicate items by checking or unchecking the ‘Remove Duplicates’ option.

                PST Merge

Merge contacts folder:
PST merge also allows you to specifically merge the contact folders of multiple PST files into one single PST. The software promises to keep the meta data of the contacts such as name, email address, contact numbers, etc. intact.

             PST Merge

PST Merge – An Efficient Utility To Join And Merge Multiple PST Files

Features That Make PST Merge The Ultimate Tool:
1: PST merge provides you with three options to select from to merge multiple PST files into a single large Unicode PST, namely, Join PST, Merge PST, Merge Contacts Folder Only.

2: The software allows you to combine multiple PST files together and at the same time remove duplicate items by selecting or deselecting the ‘Remove Duplicates’ option.

3: PST Merge provides an option to merge multiple PST files in a single shot by selecting ‘Add Folder’ option instead of adding each file one by one.

4: If you do not wish to merge the deleted items folder, the software gives you an option to exclude the deleted items folder; hence, minimizing the total time required for merging the PST files.         

5: On completion of the merging process, the software will generate a progress report describing the number of PST files, their names, duplicate items found, total item count, merge status. It will also display the name and location of merged PST file.

6: PST Merge facilitates you to save the resultant merged PST file at a desired location of your choice or you can create a new folder from the software pane and save the file to it.

Evaluate The Usability Of The Software:
Each software application comes with both its plus and minus. It is however imperative to analyze whether or not the software caters to the basic requirement, before the purchase. Let us have a review of the various pros and cons of using PST Merge Software.

 1: You can combine multiple PST files of any size without having to worry about the PST file size limitation.
2: PST Merge facilitates merging of both ANSI and UNICODE PST file formats.
3: The software allows you to exclude the duplicate items if any during the merging process.
The Demo version of the PST Merge Software exhibits a few limitations. It will join only first 2 folders of each PST file or merge only first 15 items of each folder of PST file or merge only first 15 contacts of each folder of PST.


The PST Merge Software is a comprehensive utility to merge or join multiple PST files into a single PST of Unicode format in a single shot, without having to worry about the size of the PST files. Apart from the certain limitations of using it, the software is a considerable choice for all Windows users.

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