Search,Find And Download Torrents Easily

Search,Find And Download Torrents Easily

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Search Find And Download Torrents Easily. The Vuze Bittorrent Client is an end-to-end software application for all your torrent needs. Although it is a complete bittorrent downloader, the Vuze program maintains a lightweight footprint, doesn’t slow your computer down, and quickly downloads torrents.

The Vuze torrent downloader for Windows or Mac makes it easy for you to find torrents online. Whether you are downloading torrents from a tracker site, from a friend via magnet links, or anywhere else on the web. Once you find a torrent the Vuze Bittorrent Client makes it simple to download torrents and automatically optimizes torrent download speeds.

Once your downloaded torrents are finished Vuze makes it straightforward and simple to watch and listen to the content you downloaded. Vuze simply covers anything you’ll run into when downloading bittorrent torrents. Download the best torrent client and downloader in one today!

Vuze includes a powerful and customization meta search that will help you find and download torrents. The best thing is,once you find content that you like, you can setup subscriptions so you’ll always be notified of new episodic content.

You can have further control, as  Vuze remote allows you to manage your download queue from any browser enabled device.

Not only that, Vuze also provides a cutting edge high definition media player for you to enjoy your content you downloaded. And you can enjoy it anywhere.

Vuze has a built-in video trans-coder that will convert any video from it’s native format to be compatible with iPhone, iPod, iPad, Xbox, PS3, and many other devices.

The Vuze Plus version there are even more features. There is DVD burning integrated to further help you. Also provides award winning antivirus software that helps detect any malware or viruses before you download them.

With Vuze Plus you also don’t have to wait for downloads to finish because it will stream torrents as they download to your computer.

What’s new in this version:

Added peer menus to peers in the swarm view

Tags now visibly grouped by their group in Tagging view

Torrent List for Tags Overview now has “Any/All” checkbox when multiple tags are selected

General view now shows file boundaries and skipped file zones

Network bindings can now be cleared via status icon context menu

Raw hashes entered as search expressions now support arguments

Added last-error column for subscriptions

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