Secure Your Computer From All External Intruders

Secure Your Computer From All External Intruders


Secure Your Computer From All External Intruders How to secure your Computer from all  external Intruders.

Every time you get connected to the Internet, for surfing, sending E-mails or submit some information, You are basically broadcasting your computer’s unique IP address over the internet, open to all.

With this unique IP address, hackers, worms, Malware’s can begin attacking your computer to steal anything they want.


Well you might ask, what can happen? what is there to steal from my computer? Think it over again.

  • They the Intruders can steal your credit card and Personal information’s.
  • Read all your E-Mails (you don’t want that)
  • Plant a Virus or Worms
  • Steal you online banking information (that’s scary)
  • Modify or delete files from your Computer.
  • Install a key logger to monitor every keystrokes of your keyboard.

Apart from installing Anti-Virus and Anti Spyware, Anti Malware tools.

There is one more very important Layer of protection you need to have is FIREWALL.

How does a FIREWALL work ? Just what is a FIREWALL ?

A firewall is a Software, which is designed to block all unwanted traffic (read as communications) between your Computer on a network or between computers on your home network. 

Secure Your Computer From All External Intruders

FIREWALLS allow only those traffic to pass through, that you have given the green signal (Allowed) and will block all other traffic. So that any potential hacker will not be able to gain access to your computer.

Firewalls comes in two forms:

Software based and Hardware based. Software based Firewall is what we install on our Computer. Hardware based Firewall is a separate component such as a Router.

You can use both in conjunction to improve protection. Modern routers usually have a built-in firewall. To configure you will have to consult the documentation for more details.

Software based Firewalls help monitor your system’s communication between your network and the Internet to help STOP intrusions and attacks from outside. They are useful to monitor the programs installed on your computer.Which may try connect to the net for example updating data’s.

So configuring your software Firewall is important to allow certain programs to “Always Allow” like your Antivirus program, Windows automatic update or any other security related software you may have installed.


  • Before installing any security software products like Anti virus and Firewall programs, make a full backup image of your System. This is necessary to restore your system  in the event your system becomes unresponsive.


  • Making a full DRIVE IMAGE allows you to recover from unintentional conflicts, that may occur. Since not all systems are same, some may have old latent drivers that may be incompatible with whatever you are installing. You can use Free Drive Imaging Software’s to make a complete back up of your system.
  • Always uninstall your third party Firewall program before installing a new one. You can not install two Firewalls on the same computer. Do a complete registry clean up to remove all traces left behind by the older software installation. Re-start your system and install the new Firewall. You can use a Freeware UNISTALLER for uninstalling, cleanup, and registry cleaning too.

Which Firewall software do you use ? You may like to read this Post on my Choice of the Free BEST FIREWALL SOFTWARE FOR WINDOWS. Download and use and share your opinion