Simple Tips To Solve Lot Of Computer Problems

Simple Tips To Solve Lot Of Computer Problems

solve lot of computer problems

After working with my PC for a while, I have learned some really simple tricks that solve many of the problems that plague PC users. Specially the average home users.

Today I want to share some of these tricks. Some Simple Tips To Solve Lot Of Computer Problems. But let me be clear, you will not find these tricks in any instruction book, but trust me they work in a  number of situations.

Here are five tricks that I have used many times and they work. These tricks may have been already published, or you might already know. But they are so useful that, I thought it’s worth sharing them here. So you too can pass them along to your less knowledgeable friends and family members. These TRICKS require no technical expertise and are easy to remember, and can be used by anybody.

PnP (Plug n Play) devices that aren’t working
Have you ever observed, after plugging your new USB mouse or Keyboard, everything freezes. Mouse pointer freezes, keyboard doesn’t respond. This is the time when windows installs the necessary drivers. But sometimes these PnP devices refuses to work. Just Unplug and plug back in the USB mouse or keyboard. If it doesn’t work, just restart your computer.

Loose cables and power cords.
Your Computer won’t start? Your optical drives doesn’t eject. Your PC was fine last night, what could have gone wrong ? Possible reason, someone must have moved the PC cabinet, causing some connector getting loose. It may sound ridiculous, but it happens and a simple loose connection causes problems a lot more than you might think.
Open the side of the PC cabinet, make sure all connecting Molex cables, SATA cables are connected properly.

Internet connection suddenly Lost:
I can’t really say how many times I have faced this situation. Everything seems OK, but my Internet connection lost. A very simple solution is turning the router off for 20 to 30 seconds and then turning it back on. For reasons beyond explanation, it happens and a simple on/off the router and everything works fine again.

The mother of all solution to a lot of Windows problems
I don’t know about Mac, but being a MS Window user, I have had my share of frustrating, ridiculous situations, where windows behaves as if it has a mind of its own. But, trust me Windows also has a surprising capability for fixing itself. And the trick is to reboot. Yes, just reboot your computer. As a experienced PC user, I know, rebooting itself can fix a momentary hiccup. Windows has its own built in tools, to check system integrity and fixes many problems during reboot. Remember this TIP and  it will save a lot of time and trouble.

Wi-Fi Internet connection Lost:
I have seen many laptops have a sliding switch on the side to turn wireless radio on and off. And equal number of laptops has it on the keypad. It is quite easy to unknowingly slide the switch to the “off” position. Don’t panic if your wi-fi is not working. Check the switch, or the wi-fi button on your laptop.

Well these simple TIPS may sound too elementary, but knowing them can save you a lot of time and desperation. You may already know these TIPS. But there are millions of home PC users who know almost nothing about the computers they use. Pass on these tricks  to your friends and family, so they too can troubleshoot at home.

LAST TIP: Talking about rebooting, don’t just press the “reset” button on your PC. Shut it down, switch off the UPS. Wait for 20-30 seconds, than restart your computer. This simple step will solve lot of computer problems.

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