Optimize and clean your Computer for FREE

optimize PC  updated July 2016

How to optimize PC and clean your computer from junk files. Keep system registry clean and run your system at top speed.

Whether its a desktop or a Laptop. Over the time these too ages and needs to be taken care of. 

Installing and uninstalling of programs, copying, transferring files from one partition to another, surfing the net , all these creates a lot of junk files. Junk files in the form of broken shortcuts, temp files,cookies etc etc. As most of the software’s we uninstall never clears the registry entry that it makes.

All these factors leads  accumulation of junk files in your hard disk,which takes up your valuable disk space,slows down your system by eating your system resources.

How To Transfer Files Faster

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How to take a Screenshot of your Desktop

Free desktop screenshot tool

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Convert Your Videos To Any Format

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Windows Driver Backup Software

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