SOLVED Website Wont Open, Browser Downloads A file Instead

SOLVED Website Wont Open, Browser Downloads A file Instead

website wont open

(updated see below)
My Blog Tipsnfreeware has been going on quite well for more than 2 years now. Suddenly this morning, when I tried to load my site, the website wont open,the browser (Google chrome) instead asks to download a file in .rar format.

I tried In Internet explorer (ver.10) IE too did not open the site, instead offers a very strange file name asking whether to open or save the file.

That was very strange. What went wrong ? I am sure I didn’t change or install anything on my site. My blog site is hosted on a self hosted word press site. 

After a lot of search in the forums, got mixed information’s, finally could solve this issue for website wont open in any browser.

Follow these steps if you have faced this issue: (This is what I did and solved the issue)

First step: I use a WP cache plugin WP super cache. A very good wordpress cache plugin to speed up your word press site. Here is the optimal settings for WP super cache, if you decide to install it. I had recently updated WP super cache to 1.4.5 version.

Thinking this could be the cause, I deactivated WP super cache. In the .htaccess file deleted all entries made by WP super cache and saved the .htaccess file.Logged out of wp-admin and tried to load my site. And viola it worked in all browsers, Chrome, FF, and IE too. 

That’s strange ! I thought, why WP super cache should cause this problem.

Second Step: I could not live without WP super cache on my site, and I didn’t wanted to change to any other cache plugin like W3 total cache.

So I logged in to wp-admin and activated WP super cache again. Logged out and loaded my site. The problem returned, my website wont load browser downloads a file instead.My website wont load in any of the browser.

I remember reading in some forums, issues about activating gzip in cache plugins. So I disabled gzip function in wp super cache. Gzip in wp super cache is the ” Compress pages so they’re served more quickly to visitors” option. This is a recommended option.

Next I deleted cache files  and expired cache files too. Logged out and loaded my site, it worked fine this time. Website loaded in all browser without any issues.

CONCLUSION: May be WP super cache version 1.4.5 has some compatibility issues with wordpress. I’m not an expert on this, if so I’m sure the author will correct and update the plugin soon.

This doesn’t mean you should not use WP super cache. This is one of the best cache plugin for a wordpress site. Just make sure DO NOT ENABLE GZIP FUNCTION in wp super cache advanced settings. 

UPDATE:(Oct 10/2015) About 15(Fifteen) hrs ago WP Super Cache has been updated to version 1.4.6. This issue was posted in  forums and the Author has rectified the issue. If you have updated the plugin you can now safely enable Gzip compression. Thanks to the plugin author.