Solved: Why Windows 8.1 Can Not find Bluetooth Device

Solved: Why Windows 8.1 Can Not find Bluetooth Device

Windows 8.1 Can Not find Bluetooth Device

This has been a Big problem with windows 8.1 users , finding and pairing Bluetooth devices. Be it your Bluetooth speakers, smartphones or other bluetooth enabled devices.

Many users had this question, why Windows 8.1 can not find Bluetooth devices ? Even after installing the required drivers, finding and pairing bluetooth device in windows 8.1 was a pain.

I had this same issue with my Dell inspiron 5537 laptop, windows 8.1 pre-installed. When my system crashed, I had to re install windows, that’s when the problem started. I installed all the required drivers. Device manager didn’t show any yellow exclamation mark. Which means all necessary drivers have been installed.

Yet, no matter how much I tried, Windows 8.1 can not find Bluetooth devices, like my bluetooth speakers, smartphone etc.

I tried all tricks, uninstalled, reinstalled, updated the bluetooth drivers. Under services made sure that Bluetooth support services was set to start automatically. Still windows 8.1 can not find bluetooth device.

Finally this simple trick solved, why windows 8.1 can not find bluetooth device.

Open device manager in windows 8.1. You can access it by right clicking on my Computer > properties > on the left panel Click on Device manager. Alternately open control panel > Device manager.

Connect to Internet. Under device manger expand the Bluetooth driver, right click on the first entry,(whatever bluetooth driver may have been installed) from the context menu click “Uninstall”. Windows will warn, but just go ahead and uninstall the bluetooth driver. Do not Restart your computer.

Close the device manager, than reopen device manager again. You will see windows has automatically installed the Generic Bluetooth driver, Microsoft Bluetooth Enumerator and Microsoft Bluetooth LE Enumerator.

Now right click on the Microsoft Generic Bluetooth driver entry, and from the context menu, click on update driver software.

You will be shown two options. select ” Search automatically for updated driver Software”. Make sure that you are connected to Internet.

Windows will search and install the correct Bluetooth driver for your Windows system.

Trust me, Windows is very good in this, searching and installing the correct driver for your hardware device. After Installation,re started my laptop and tried to pair my bluetooth speakers, and this time windows 8.1 found the device and paired successfully.

As I mentioned above , I have tried all possible means. Deleted and installed different versions of bluetooth drivers. Nothing seemed to work in Windows 8.1.

Why Windows 8.1 can not find Bluetooth device, is still a problem with many users. In windows 7, adding a Bluetooth device was easy.

CONCLUSION: Tried and tested, Windows built in driver update feature is still the best. It solved my problem, after lot of futile attempt to upgrade bluetooth driver. Now My Windows 8.1 can detect any bluetooth device instantly. Specially my Bluetooth speakers…Enjoying my Music loud and clear.