How To Speed Up Windows 10 Boot up Time

How To Speed Up Windows 10 Boot up Time

                                  Windows 10 Boot up Time

How to speed up your windows 10 boot up time. As compared to windows XP and windows 7, with UEFI file system, from Windows 8 on wards windows boot up time has improved considerably.

If you are a Windows 10 user, and feel that your computer is not booting up as fast as expected. Than verify if windows fast startup feature is enabled or not.

First lets see What is Fast Startup ?

Fast startup was first introduced in Windows 8. This is a hybrid power mode which combines the Hibernation mode and windows shutdown properties. Its something like hibernation only. A type of power setting which you might have seen in the previous version of windows. When fast startup is enabled in Windows 10, windows saves some system files in hibernation file, when you shut down your PC.

So when you power on your PC, windows uses these saved files in hibernation file, and speed up windows 10 boot up time.

Please Note: You will need to enable hibernation mode in windows 10, to have the fast startup feature available.

How to enable Fast Startup in Windows 10:

By default this should be enabled on most computers. But it could be disabled if your have upgraded to windows 10 from Windows 7 or Windows 8.1.

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To check and enable Fast Startup, go to settings > Powers &Sleep > and than to Additional power settings.

                                  Windows 10 Boot up Time

After clicking on it, in the power options screen click on “Choose what the power buttons do ” on the left half.

                                      Windows 10 Boot up Time

On the next window, you will see the Fast Startup under the shutdown settings section. Make sure that its enabled with a check mark. If you don’t see this option , than on the top click on ” Change settings that are currently unavailable” to reveal the Fast startup under the shutdown settings.

                                      Windows 10 Boot up Time

Now to check, how much time windows 10 takes to boot up. Shut down your computer completely, do not RESTART. Than power on your computer again. See the difference in Windows 10 boot up time.

Well, that’s all about enabling Fast startup in Windows 10, and to Speed Up Windows 10 Boot up Time.